Smart game-changing solutions to create profit out of waste and (waste)water

We provide a unique portfolio of smart game-changing solutions in sustainable water use, energy and resource recovery combined with our intelligent services for a sustainable and resilient future. More than ever water is a critical resource where increasingly demanding environmental requirements have given rise to new technologies and working practises to create a more sustainable way of treating and reuse wastewater. Nijhuis Industries has a broad experience and application know-how within a wide range of industries, designing the most appropriate solutions to reduce, reuse and recover (waste)water. In-house developed products and technologies
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Sustainable water use

We have dedicated and specialized teams with extensive experience in designing, developing and implementing our mostly in-house developed products and technologies. For example, oil-water separators, dissolved air flotation (DAF) and dissolved gas flotation (DGF) units, biological treatment systems (like Bioctor and AecomixTM), recycling, disinfection and sludge dewatering systems can be supplied as single units, integrated overal solutions or containerized installations according to specific and local requirements.

Resource recovery

Realizing the value of wastewater and waste underlines Nijhuis Industries’ determination to fulfill the market’s need for innovative, sustainable solutions with minimum life cycle cost. We believe in the value that wastewater and waste provides to the customer, all depending on the recovery of raw materials used in the industry.