Bulgarian pharmaceutical company Biovet chooses Nijhuis!

A nature-driven and smart extended WWTP design

Biovet, a manufacturer and marketer for farm animal productivity and health, has chosen Nijhuis Industries to completely redesign their WWTP system. Due to the fast growth of the company, a new production facility is currently under construction and will generate increased volumes of wastewater, which require treatment. However, the existing WWTP, which was built in the 1980s, cannot process these increased volumes of wastewater. This forced Biovet to search for a wastewater treatment supplier. Due to the fast response and the smart design, Nijhuis has been chosen to construct and realize the installation.

A nature-driven design

Located deep into a picturesque valley in the Rhodopi Mountains, the aim of the wastewater treatment plant design was to completely surround the system with the natural wooded scenery, and to use gravity as far as possible within the design. The wastewater will be pumped from the factory level in the valley floor, up to near the top of a hill. With a height increase of 50 meters, the WWTP will be completely surrounded by the woods. After the wastewater is pre-treated, a biological treatment system will use the power of nature’s gravity as a ‘cascade system’ and will automatically flow 50 meters down to the point where the water was originally pumped. A new DAF system will be used as final polishing step. The factory is located in the town of Peshtera, Bulgaria, 120 km southeast of the country’s capital, Sofia.

A smart extended WWTP design

Since the 1980s, the wastewater treatment technology market has made enormous steps with introducing all new and optimized technologies to effectively treat wastewater. These optimised technologies have ensured that energy and chemical consumption have reduced considerably, and can being applied to smaller footprint systems with the help of a smart design.

Due to these developments, Nijhuis can reuse the existing concrete WWTP infrastructure, and retrofit newly installed technology equipment. The current infrastructure can still exist, but is optimised to treat even more wastewater. The new treatment plant is expected to be operational in Q2 of 2019, to discharge treated water into the river.

Client benefits / Nijhuis impact

  • Clean water to be discharged into the river
  • Smart reuse of existing concrete WWTP
  • infrastructure, reducing investment cost
  • Use the power of nature’s gravity to process the wastewater