Slaughterhouses & Processing Plants

Complete slaughterhouse wastewater treatment plants

When implementing the Nijhuis Sustainable Slaughterhouse and Processing Plant, all different kind of resources can be recovered from wastewater and manure, such as biofuel, animal fat, fertilizers, energy, heat and clean water to meet the industry sustainability requirements and standards for your (poultry) processing equipment. When realizing a complete turn-key Nijhuis wastewater treatment plant, you can reduce your environmental footprint:

  • Reduce your wastewater surcharge cost and discharge water to sewer, river or sea
  • Reduce your water intake costs
  • Reuse water for agricultural and production process applications
  • Recover resources and create the best and most economical business case

Read more about our Poultry, Meat Processing and Agricultural wastewater treatment solutions:

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Profitable slaughterhouse and processing plants

Based on your input data, we can create the best and most economical business case for your slaughterhouse (waste)water and realize your wastewater treatment plant, all based on more than 2,600 references around the world and based on more than 110 years of experience. Below your find some interesting options which we can discuss to optimize your business case and your profitability:

  • Business case optimisation with fat recovery
  • Fast-track realization, Plant upgrades and relocation
  • Chemical reduction with operational excellence with real-time control
  • Energy reduction & pre-treatment optimization
  • Process optimization and add smartness into your plant
  • Cost-effective and flexible sludge dewatering management
  • Improvement of digester performances and reduce ammonium concentration
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Let us develop your wastewater treatment business case and realize your WWTP!

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