Nijhuis Aquatic Water Services

Nijhuis Aquatic Water Services (NAWS) is a specialist scientific and environmental based company providing a comprehensive range of scientific, process and environmental services in order to assist clients in the monitoring, treatment, design, manufacturing and construction stages within the water industry.

NAWS has in-depth knowledge and understanding of a wide range of environmental issues and with its integrated team of specialist scientists can provide an experienced, multi-disciplinary, cost effective and uniquely tailored scientific service throughout the UK.

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Nijhuis Aquatic Water Services can help you with:

  • Scientific support and advice
  • Flow & load surveys
  • Water hygiene and legionella control
  • Process design, commissioning and optimisation
  • Raw water treatability studies
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Marine & Freshwater Biology including Shellfishery Industry
  • Oceanography
  • Pollutant input flux assessments
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Manhole card surveys
  • Sewerage system connectivity studies
  • In-sewer flow surveys
  • Saline and groundwater infiltration studies
  • Environmental Tracer Studies

NAWS’ expertise covers a broad range of wastewater management, water hygiene and environmental services, with an emphasis on green technologies along with a capability boosted by strategic partnerships with other specialist companies and sub-contracted Consultants and Water Engineers, as well as framework agreements with South West Water (SWW) and major consulting engineering companies in the United Kingdom.

Nijhuis Aquatic Water Services

Nanjerrick Court, Allet

TR4 9DJ Truro

United Kingdom


Tel.: +44 (0)333 7000 007

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