Creating the necessities of life with Circular Sanitation Hubs

Following the sixth Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations, everyone should have access to clean drinking water and hygienic sanitation in 2030. To respond to this goal, Nijhuis Industries together with several partners (like Semilla Sanitation Hubs) has developed a cost-efficient solution with no or low environmental impacts, which not only processes human urine and faeces, but also recovers required nutrients.

Advanced space technology and modular ‘plug-and-play’ technology

Nijhuis WASTE-TO-TASTE is a circular sanitation hub solution for Public Toilets, Hotels/Resorts, Plug and Play Villages, Rural Places/Developing Countries and Disaster Relief. The solution utilises advanced space technology and includes modular ‘plug-and-play’ technology building blocks such as grey, black and urine water treatment which collectively offer more than 30% in water savings. The completely self-sufficient solution turns waste (grey, black and yellow water) into taste (food & drinks) and continues the global trend towards a circular economy.

The WASTE-TO-TASTE circular sanitation hub firstly provides hygienic toilets and washing facilities and secondly closes the food&drink chain loop, by providing on-site drinking water and organic fertilizer for food production. Additionally, the hub is also portable and can be used anywhere on earth to give between 500 to 400.000 people acces to safe sanitation.
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Customer benefits

  • From waste to taste: on-site circular solution which closes the food & drink chain loop
  • Reduced operational cost in comparison to the conventional wash value chain
  • Recovered PROFITABLE resources
    - Flush, irrigation and shower water
    (more than 30% water savings)
    - Drinking water
    - Organic fertilizers (solid and liquid)
    - Compost for soil improvement
  • Modular ‘plug-and-play’ technology building blocks for grey, black and yellow water treatment
  • Advanced space technology
  • Self-sufficient in energy
    (off-the-grid solution)


  • Decentralized villages, cities and areas
  • Rural areas
  • Remote places (such as army and refugee camps)
  • Disaster areas
  • Holiday and leisure parks
  • Events and festivals


Let us implement your WASTE-TO-TASTE solution and give people acces to safe sanitation!

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