Nijhuis GENIUS

An increasing number of livestock farms have insufficient land for efficient use of manure nutrients. In order to avoid manure overloading on to the land and forcing the redistribution of livestock,surplus manure has either to be transported to areas with less intensity or needs to be processed for the recovery and utilisation of valuable compounds.

The GENIUS system (in Dutch: GENIAAL) is a cost effective, innovative and sustainable system for the processing of manure into high quality concentrated liquid fertilizer, reusable water and a solid fraction.

The liquid concentrated fertilizer is rich in nitrogen and potassium. The solid fraction is rich in organics and phosphates. Depending on the local needs and its application, the solids can be transported, used in anaerobic digestion plants, hygienised and exported.

The liquid fertilizer can be used to supplement or replace the use of artificial fertilizer. The recovered water fraction from the manure can be reused or discharged as surface water.

  • GENIAAL-Concept
  • Technology

​The innovative Nijhuis GENIUS solution is based on reliable technological solutions and application knowledge:

Decanter centrifuge:
A decanter centrifuge separates the manure into a liquid and solid fraction without the addition of polymer. The solids remains a pure organic fertiliser without any additives.

Flocculator, type i-PFR:
The liquid fraction will be treated to remove any suspended solids. A pipe flocculator is designed for effective mixing of chemicals of the liquid fraction and of the decanter and equipped with special mixing pipes. The system removes emulsions, dispersions and heavy metals from the wastewater by adding coagulant and flocculant.

Flotation unit, type i-DAF:

This open flotation unit (GDF) is designed for handling high sludge loadings.The intelligent Dissolved Air Flotation (i-DAF) system is based on the Nijhuis innovative and intelligent aeration system (i-AIRATION) which forms fine air bubbles that support and increase the separation of particles.

Ammonia Recovery, type AECO-NAR
The AECO-NAR is an innovative and stable process which is anticipating today’s challenges in the market and producing ammonium sulphate, to maximize the value of digestate. The market potential for this biobased fertilizer varies per geographical location, but proves to be commercially very attractive. The AECO-NAR is a proprietary chemical process based on the stripping of ammonia. The process is designed to treat digestate, or manure, and consists of a heat exchanger, a CO2 stripper tank, an ammonia stripper and a scrubber.

Membrane systems, type UF and RO

Membrane separation processes are based on a straight forward separation method, whereby specific filters will let water flow through while it retains suspended solids and bigger molecules. The selection of the right type of membranes and working conditions are important to determine the water quality and liquid fertilizer.


  • Large-scale manure processing companies.
  • With a scale of approx. 50,000 tons of raw manure per year;
  • Turning raw manure into valuable nutrients and reusable water.

Customer Benefits

  1. Complete manure solution whereby raw manure is separated into high quality nutrients with high economic value and reduction of its volume.
  2. Smart combination of reliable technologies and application knowledge. These individual technologies ar already applied in wastewater, manure and/or organic waste processing.
  3. Robust liquid/solid separation as an excellent pre-treatment before the Ultra filtration and Reverse Osmosis step.
  4. Low Chemical usage.