Fast-track | Scalable | Upgradable | Mobile Rental Solution

In this day, both industrial and municipal customers are continuously searching for solutions to contribute to the circular economy, in order to meet their sustainability goals, lower their environmental footprint, combining productivity and energy efficiency whilst also ensuring minimum life-cycle costs.

The current global market continues to pose a challenge to companies that strive to balance their economical and sustainability goals. Nijhuis MODULUTIONS address the requirements of a growing number of customers to extend production infrastructure lifetime, improve sustainability and reduce total cost of ownership.
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Modular and temporary rental solutions

Nijhuis design, build and realize MODULUTIONS in prefabricated containers, on skid or/and boxframe ensuring you have the flexibility to realize a plant with the lowest possible total cost of ownership. For example, a Nijhuis MODULUTION-Boxframe solution is a state-of-the-art modular set-up reducing footprint and simplify civil construction in comparison to conventional plant design and delivery. The solution is suitable for every (waste)water capacity, standalone systems and full-scale plants.

Standardization of modules - plug and play
Due to the standardization and modular plug and play nature of the Nijhuis MODULUTIONS, the engineering, installation time and civil works on site are significantly reduced in comparison to conventional designs. Because of the standardization, the required space and footprint is minimized. If the physical footprint is restricted the modules can be stacked or divided over multiple floors. Because of the ‘plug and play’ and mobile nature, fast track expansion or relocation of wastewater utilities is now becoming even more affordable.

Customer benefits

  1. Reduce civil works and installation time on site
  2. Scalable, compact and upgradable
  3. Suitable for every (waste)water capacity, standalone systems, full-scale plants and technologies
  4. Standardization of modules, plug and play
  5. Prefabrication in containers, on skid or/and boxframes
  6. Temporary and mobile rental solution
  7. Fast delivery in case of an emergency / fast project delivery


  • Industrial applications
  • Retail and distribution centers
  • Holiday & leisure parks
  • Mining operations
  • Army and refugee camps
  • Disaster relief
  • Cities of future (decentralized solution)
  • Events (such as festivals)

Nijhuis MODULUTIONS features

  • 10’, 20’, 30’ and /or 40’ feet modules
  • Turn-key delivery; from design to realization
  • Customized system, building and office look and feel
  • Connectable and stackable, independent of technology
  • Decentralized electrical control system (i-CONTROL)
  • Prefabrication in containers, on skid or/and boxframes
  • i-MONITORING and predictive i-MAINTENANCE service
  • Become energy self-sufficient, add sunpanels on your MODULUTION
  • Sandwich panels and top cover modules can be easily mounted (boxframe executing)
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Nijhuis Modular Design Philosophy

Anticipate to your current and future challenges
The Nijhuis MODULUTIONS Design Philosophy is the ultimate basis for a fast-track project realization, executed in boxframes, containers and/or skid. Together with experienced project teams and the local Nijhuis Sales & Service Centers, we ensure full management of the turn-key and service aspects.

Our MODULUTIONS Design Philosophy consist of the following building blocks: influent station / filtration, equalization / flocculation-flotation, multistage aerobic / anaerobic treatment, polishing / recycling, sludge management and/or monitoring & operation.