Dissolved Air Flotation systems

The most intelligent pre-treatment flotation solutions

For decades the Nijhuis Water Technology Dissolved Air flotation unit has been known as the most robust and best DAF unit available on the market.

However, in response to variations in industrial activity and customers’ requirements to quickly and efficiently relocate production facilities, Nijhuis has now redesigned their DAF concept. The result is an even more efficient system than before.

The Nijhuis Intelligent Dissolved Air Flotation (i-DAF) system is based on the Nijhuis innovative and intelligent aeration system (i-AIRATION) which forms fine air bubbles for the separation of particles.

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  • Drinking water intake;
  • Wastewater treatment;
  • Desalination;
  • Process water production;
  • Industrial zones.

Drivers to determine DAF unit applications

The Dissolved Air Flotation technology (DAF) has proven to be very successful as a pre-treatment step. Nijhuis flotation systems have been developed since the 1970s and our units stand out as the best in its field. To determine the unit application, several drivers will be taken into account to execute the unit in stainless steel, (super)duplex or concrete:

  • Transporation;
  • Flexibility;
  • Footprint;
  • Water capacity.
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The Nijhuis Dissolved Air Flotation range

Compact dissolved air flotation unit with plate packs, for low or high capacities.

Open dissolved air flotation unit unit designed for handling high sludge loadings.

Dissolved Gas flotation unit using for example nitrogen-gas or biogas in the aeration system, thus preventing excessive oxygen-levels in the treated water.

High Rate i-DAF:
DAF applications for high capacities above 1000 m³/hr / 25 MLD for large scale water production facilities, as a pre-treatment step for surface and seawater.

A revolutionary next generation system DAF based on a plug and play principle, available in boxframe or container set-up.

Intelligent flotation unit solutions and services, securing the fastest return on investment:

Intelligent dosing control for flocculation-flotation systems to reduce chemical consumption costs up to 30% based on real-time monitoring.

The Nijhuis i-CONTROL will dramatically reduce installation cost as well as the cable length, minimizing and shortening the installation time. The i-CONTROL is an intelligent cost-effective electrical control and installation method for wastewater treatment plants.

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Application know-how in (waste)water, process water and waste

We strongly believe that through combining our application and process know-how and longstanding expertise in a large number of industries, we can deliver solid solutions with the highest level of innovation. We have dedicated and specialized teams with extensive experience in designing, developing and implementing our mostly in-house developed solutions and services.

For example, oil-water separators, dissolved air flotation (DAF) and dissolved gas flotation (DGF) units, biological treatment systems (like BIOCTOR and AECOMIXTM), recycling, disinfection and sludge dewatering systems can be supplied as single units, integrated overall solutions or modular installations according to specific and local requirements.

Nijhuis was founded in 1904 and our flexibility and customer-oriented approach have been important values in our company history with more than 2600 references around the globe.

Our DAF solutions are part of the primary treatment solutions, such as filters / screens, flocculation/coagulation and gravity separators.

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