Polishing, reuse and disinfection

Polish (waste)water to reuse standards

For polishing your industrial wastewater to very stringent discharge consents or to optimise your process water system we have developed a range of polishing systems:

Sand filter, type CSF:
A continuous sand or cloth media filter to remove particles from the wastewater by filtration over a sand bed, where the removable particles stay behind in the sand and the cleaned water can be discharged continuously.

CarboPure, type CP:

The Nijhuis CarboPure combines conventional activated carbon filtration with our advanced air dissolving technology. While organic substances are absorbed by the activated carbon, the dissolved oxygen is used by the bacteria in the filter to break down the organic material.

1-STEP® filter

The 1-STEP® filter is an innovative compact fixed bed activated carbon filter operated at a relatively high rate downward flowcombining four processes in one single additional treatment unit.

Besides removal of suspended solids by filtration, it performs excellently on nitrogen removal by simultaneous biological denitrification (using a selective carbon source), chemical phosphate and heavy metals removal (by coagulation and flocculation with a low dose of metal salt) and, if required, removal of organic micro pollutants by adsorption to the activated carbon.

Membrane systems, types MF / UF / NF and RO:
Membrane separation processes are based on a straight forwarded separation method, the membrane acts as a very specific filter, impurities will be retained and water will pass the membrane. Selection criteria depend on the impurities that need to be removed.

UV disinfection, type NUV:
For clear water streams disinfection of water can be achieved by UV-C radiation, a specific light wavelength that damages the DNA structure of micro-organisms.

Ozone disinfection, type NOS Q and NOS XL:
The NOS Q and XL series ozone generators are the most accurate, safe, sustainable and energy-efficient in the world. In order to remove the undesired side effects of using chemicals and disinfectants, ozone technology provides a chemical-free solution.

Automatic Tube Cleaning, type ATC:
The system provides a permanent solution to combat scaling and fouling problems for heat exchangers by reducing power consumption, minimizing shut downs and maintenance costs.

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