Reduce life-cycle cost with intelligent services

Smart management of your waste and (waste)water has a great impact on the success of your business, turning your cost centre into a profit centre. Nijhuis Industries is your natural partner to reduce the life cycle cost of your waste to value, wastewater and disinfection plant, to maximize the performance of your installation with the Nijhuis intelligent services (i-SERVICES).

Nijhuis has gathered extensive know-how to service and maintain your system based on more than 2600 reference sites. To reduce, reuse and recover water, energy and valuable materials, in compliance with the local environmental legislation, and create value out of your (waste)water.

We offer you a variety of service levels, resulting in a custom-made plan tailored to your choice and requirements. Our service plans provide regular inspections, on-going monitoring, preventive and corrective maintenance for the entire system. Our goal is to keep your system at maximum performance and at the lowest possible cost of ownership. Our monitoring and control services support you with resolving emergencies and continuously improve the reliability of your plant, optimizing processes and lowering operational costs.

Customer benefits

  • Reduced life-cycle cost.
  • Maximized performance of your plant.
  • Improved reliability.
  • Low operational cost.
  • Real-time control.
  • Guaranteed effluent parameters
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Service level agreement

To provide a service that meets your ever changing requirements, Nijhuis offers three levels of service plans. These service plans provide a transparent overview of your expectations, in relation to response times, availability of original spare parts and the performance of your plant. All of this contributes to a lower cost of ownership and extended lifetime of your plant.



The Nijhuis support team has extensive experience undertaking to purify all types of (waste)water, wastewater and provide planning support, flood risk and other environmental consultancy work. Nijhuis offers site audits to identify opportunities for water conservation and reuse, recycling of wastewater, waste to value and other green initiatives.

Customer benefits

With the Nijhuis i-AUDITS, options can be identified to improve efficiency, reduce cost and create value. While providing engaging opportunities with your senior management, staff and your supply chain in driving through improvements. This can then lead to the seamless design, supply and installation.

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The Nijhuis i-MONITORING & i-CONTROL program is a true intelligent service with a ROI based on the current or expected OPEX of the system. To reduce the life-cycle cost of your plant and extend the lifetime we provide a complete management of your installation through 24 / 7 monitoring, which is facilitated from our monitoring center in Doetinchem, the Netherlands. Our i-MONITORING & i-CONTROL program is a preventive method to control the number of installation issues. Your installation will be monitored 24/7 with real-time acces to your system.

Customer benefits

  • Reduce personnel cost.
  • Reduce maintenance costs.
  • Reduce chemical and power consumption.
  • Reduce the involvement of staff.
  • Improve and guarantee effluent quality.
  • Control and manage the installation.

The Nijhuis in-house developed VPN routing NI-connect and monitoring services support operators with resolving emergencies and to continuously improve the reliability of the installation.


Nijhuis offers you preventive and corrective intelligent maintenance programs. Our after sales support team support you offline and online to optimize your installation. We will check the equipment of your installation and give you advice to keep your equipment at maximum performance to achieve environmental compliance and reduce life-cycle costs.

Customer benefits

  • Custom-made maintenance program based on your process.
  • Fixed number of planned visits per year.
  • Quality of service from the manufacturer and original spare-parts use.
  • Optimization of your wastewater, process water or waste to value operation.
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The Nijhuis i-ACADEMY training provide a global network opportunity to exchange best practices from around the world and share valuable process information. Training can be provided at our headquarters or at any location in the world and is always tailored to the requirements of the audience. You will receive practical information on key aspects of the operation of your system based on an individual approach and interactive training method.

Customer benefits

  • You will receive practical information on key aspects of the operation of your wastewater, process water and waste to value plant.
  • Individual approach, tailored to your individual training needs and requirements.
  • Interactive and pragmatic approach including repeat training to maintain and improve the required knowledge level.