Turning factory wastewater into clean effluent

LLC Vinnytsia

Myronivsky Hleboproduct (MHP) is a dynamic and fast-growing company in the Ukraine, based on the unique model of vertical integration. MHP is one of the leaders of the agrarian market in poultry segment. LLC Vinnytsia Poultry Farm is the largest poultry farm in Europe, and is set up with equipment using the most up to date technology. The plant was commissioned in 2012 and reached 100% production capacity in 2014. The plant consists of several farming zones with slaughtering, rendering and hatchery lines.

The background
In order to treat the wastewater of the factory, Nijhuis designed and realized a complete pre-treatment, secondary treatment and tertairy treatment system to discharge clean effluent into the Ukrainian river. The water is produced by the slaughter lines (+/- 90%) and the remaining water (+/- 10%) comes from the rendering and hatchery production, crate box washers, car washers and municipal water.

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Installation facts

  • Customer: LLC Vinnytsia Poultry Farm
  • Industry: Poultry
  • Location: Ladyzhyn, Vinnytsia, Ukraine
  • Design flowrate: 5.500 m3 per day

Nijhuis delivery

  • Contract type: General Contractor as turnkey
  • Added value services: Design, project management and engineering (incl. civil, piping, electrical works), manufacturing, delivery, installation, commissioning and training on site.
  • Solution: 2x Aquarake, 2x Filter (NRF 90/300), 1x Flocculator (PFR 300), 1x Flotation unit (NPF 700)Double SBR (BIOCTOR-SBR) + bottom aeration (NFA-B), 4x Sand Filter (CSF), 4x Carbopure (3x CP40 and 1x CP20), 1x UV disinfection (NUV), 2x sludge cloth filter (NDF 400) and 1x decanter centrifuge.
  • Intelligent services: Service contract.
  • Official start date: January 2013
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In 2010, Nijhuis won the contract to deliver a complete wastewater treatment plant to LLC Vinnytsia Poultry Farm, treating 5,500 m3 wastewater per day. The pre-treatment system (filter, flocculation and flotation) will treat the wastewater from the slaughter lines and water from the unloading area. The municipal water is treated by an Aquarake.

The pre-treated wastewater, municipal water and additional water from the hatchery and oil press will be biologically treated via a double SBR system, an easy and flexible to operate double tank solution. The biological treated water will then enter the polishing system, consisting of 4 Sand Filters, 4 Carbon Filters and a UV disinfection system to discharge clean effluent to the local Ukrainian river.

The additional produced biological sludge will be treated via 2 cloth filters and finally a decanter centrifuge, ensuring the lowest possible biological sludge discharge costs with the highest possible dry solids content. The system has been in full operation since 2013.

Customer benefits

  • Complete WWTP solution.
  • Turn factory wastewater into effluent according to river standards.
  • Nijhuis application knowledge and expertise in the poultry industry.
  • Engineering according to Ukrainian norms.
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