Turn agricultural waste into power

Bioelektrownia Rzeczyca

Bioelektrownia Rzeczyca Sp. z o.o. is a local agricultural waste and biogas processing company, which is operating and managing bioenergy. The biogas plant is turning agricultural waste into power. Currently, the heat of the CHP’s will be used for own purpose and the remain energy will be used to dry the solid fraction.

The background

Local farmers will supply substrates like grass, vegetable waste and distillery vinasse and industrial waste. The goal of the project is to sustainable treat local agricultural substrates and produce energy out of the substrates, to supply the power to the local energy grid.

As a general contractor and solution provider, Nijhuis succesfully delivered the technology, civil and electrical works and the delivery of the CHP and connection to the energy grid.

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Installation facts

  • Customer: Bioelektrownia Rzeczyca Sp. z o.o.
  • Industry: Agricultural waste / biogas processing
  • Location: Rzeczyca, Poland
  • Feedstock: approx. 105 ton/day
    - approx. 45 ton/day corn sillage
    - approx. 60 ton/day vegatable waste
  • Energy: 1 MW power

Nijhuis delivery

  • Contract type: General Contractor as Turn key
  • Added value services: Design, project management and engineering, manufacturing, delivery, installation, commissioning, civil and electrical works.
  • Solution: Solid feeder, main digester, post digester, screw press, dryer, 2x 0,5 MW CHP units.
  • Start date: May 2016

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The Rzeczyca biogas plant is one of the biggest and newest biogas plant executed by Nijhuis in the area of Central Europe based on agricultural waste, like grass, vegetable waste or distillery vinasse. Corn silage and other dry solids are fed into the AECOMIXTM-TAURUS digester by a modular solid feeder with a walking floor system.

Industrial and agricultural waste is pumped into the system. The anaerobic digestion takes place in 2 digesters of 22 meters diameter and 8 meters height. The electrical power is 1MW, and is based on two 0,5 MW CHP units.

The digestate after the process is separated by a screw press unit. Liquid fraction will be stored in lagoon and then spread on fields. The solid fraction will be dried in an innovative drier, the heat will be delivered by the exhaust gasses from the CHP units.

Customer benefits

  1. Turn agricultural waste into power.
  2. Energy connection to the grid.
  3. Smart incorporated controls to manage the system.
  4. Valuable fertilizers (solid / liquid).
  5. Automated and complete turnkey biogas installation.

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