Treat seepage and oily water from the caverns



Built a waste water treatment solution to treat seepage and oily water from the caverns and run off water above ground area for either recycling in the facility processes or discharge to the sea, all within the required limits.

In South East Asia the first underground liquid hydrocarbon storage facility is built, the site is located at a depth of 130 meter beneath Banyan Basin on Jurong Island. The prestigious project involves 5 undersea rock caverns with a total storage capacity of 1.470.000 m3
The main EPC contractor of the project is Hyundai who subcontracted the waste water treatment plant of the Jurong Rock facility to Nijhuis Water Technology.

Due to the characteristics of the waste water to be treated duplex materials for the installation where selected instead of the standard stainless steel 304 units.

The main components supplied for this project are:

  • A skimmer system including overflow weirs for the collection ponds.
  • Pipe flocculators including all required doing equipment
  • Nijhuis high rate flotation units, type NPF 600HX with API recirculation pumps
  • UV system for disinfection

A dedicated team in Nijhuis Water Technology are used to work with the high technological standards required in the oil (water seperation), petrochemical and tank farm industry.

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