The most advanced WWTP in Romania


With a history of over 50 years, Azomures S.A. is the most important producer of mineral fertilizers for agricultural use in Romania, supplying farmers with mineral Nitrogen (N) and complex NPK fertilizers.

Construction of the Tirgu Mures plants began in 1962, it was completed in several stages and it now covers an area of approximately 100 hectares in the south-western part of the city. In 2012, Azomures S.A. became a member of Ameropa.


One of the current objectives of Azomures S.A. is to become a ‘green’ company. In the light of this aspiration, Azomures S.A. decided to build a new biological wastewater treatment plant to discharge clean effluent into the Tirgu Mures river. The total project, consisting of the modernization of the urea and ammonia installation as well as the wastewater treatment, is one of the largest and most advanced plants ever built in Romania, complying with the Romanian environmental and productivity standards.

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Installation facts

Customer: Azomures S.A.

Industry: Mineral fertilizer producer.

Location: Tirgu Mures, Romania.

Design flowrate: 22.500 m3/d

Nijhuis delivery

  • Contract type: General Contractor as turnkey.
  • Added value services: Design, project management and engineering, manufacturing, delivery, installation, commissioning, civil, piping, electrical works and 3 months training on site.
  • Solution: Pumping station, 4.5 kilometers pipeline to WWTP, a two-street denitrification, nitrification, and clarifier system.
  • Intelligent services: Service and monitoring contract.
  • Offical start date: March 2016.
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The project started with a feasibility study that highlighted the best solution for Azomures. The study was prepared by Witteveen+Bos, who demonstrated a high level of involvement and professionalism in achieving all the necessary tasks. After an extensive and deep evaluation of all proposals, Azomures chose the most attractive solution and awarded Nijhuis and Witteveen+Bos the EPC contract in July 2014 to deliver a large turnkey wastewater treatment project. The large amount of wastewater provided an interesting challenge for W+B and Nijhuis to design a WWTP with a small footprint within the available plot of land.

Nijhuis designed a system with a pumping station to transfer the water 4.5 kilometers from the Azomures plant to the Aquaserv site. Here the wastewater will be collected in two parallel biological systems consisting of pre- and post-denitrification and aeration tanks in which production water and brewery wastewater will be fed to ensure optimal treatment.

In November 2015, the civil works were accepted and specially adopted seeding sludge was introduced to achieve optimal growth and adaptation of the bacteria in the biological system. The WWTP was commissioned mid November 2015. Since 1January 2016 the values are monitored daily by the Aquaserv WWTP operators and the Nijhuis i-MONITORING service department.

Customer Benefits

  1. Fast-track project delivery.
  2. Complete turnkey system.
  3. Smart incorporated controls to
    manage and monitor the system.
  4. Advanced process engineering.
  5. Robust design based on the
    lowest OPEX.
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