Singapore's Marina East Desalination Plant

Singapore Marina East

The construction of the Marina East Desalination Plant in Singapore began in June 2017. It is the first dual-mode desalination plant, meaning it can treat both freshwater from the Marina Reservoir and seawater, depending on weather conditions. Currently, freshwater from reservoirs is processed at eight water works across Singapore, while seawater is treated at SingSpring and Tuaspring desalination plants.

The background

Nijhuis will realize eight High Rate concrete i-DAF modules as pre-treatment for the seawater. This includes the coagulant and flocculant dosing and top mixers for the reaction tanks, followed by the corrugated plate packs, skimmer systems and robust Nijhuis i-AERATION system.

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Installation facts

  • Industry: Drinking Water / Desalination
  • Location: Marina East, Singapore

Scope of supply

  • Contract type: Design and Build
  • Added value services: Design, project management and engineering, manufacturing, delivery, installation, commissioning
  • Solution: 8 Coagulation, Flocculation and Flotation modules executed in concrete
  • Proposed start date: 2020

The solution

The iconic Marina East Desalination Plant is the first of its kind in Singapore, perhaps in the world, designed for dual operation mode to treat either seawater or reservoir water from the Marina Reservoir located in the city center. The plant is a combination of water treatment processes included High Rate i-DAF modules, ultrafiltration technology and reverse osmosis (RO) technology.

Nijhuis will design, engineer and realize eight concrete Nijhuis High Rate i-DAF modules with an output of 308,000 m3 seawater per day at the Marina East Desalination Plant in Singapore. Each High Rate i-DAF module has the maximum treatment capacity of 1,945 m3/hr.

Optimize i-DAF operations

In order to optimize the chemical dosing and DAF operations, Nijhuis included the real-time intelligent dosing control system i-DOSE, which will result in stable effluent concentrations, real-time chemical dosing and better performance of the flocculation-flotation system.

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Customer benefits

  1. Compact design of the modules to positionate the DAFs in the Marina East building
  2. Optimized plant operations with Nijhuis real-time intelligent dosing control (i-DOSE)
  3. Modular set-up of concrete High Rate i-DAF modules
  4. Robust and proven Nijhuis i-AERATION flotation system

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