SBR Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant, UK Cider Company

In an effort to avoid high tradeIes, one of the largest cider manufacturer in the United Kingdom, looked at Nijhuis Industries UK & Ireland to upgrade their brewery site.

Nijhuis Industries UK & Irelandand Nijhuis Water Technology were instructed to design, supply, build and install a sequencing batch reactor (SBR) biological treatment plant with dewatering drum to significantly reduce COD and TSS levels to ensure impressive returns by significantly reducing trade effluent charges. The turnkey project also included electrical and mechanical installation.

Design Parameters:

The treatment plan was designed to treat the waste water from the cider production at strengths of:

  • 4000 mg/l COD
  • 2000 mg/l BOD
  • 250 mg/l TSS
  • volume of 300 m3/day

The plant is reaching treated water parameters after total treatment of:

  • M 200 mg/l COD
  • M 30 mg/l TSS

Biological system (Single Batch Aerobic Biotreater [SBR])

The mainly soluble organic matter is removed by biological treatment. For this application a single batch biotreater was selected and considered the best available technology. The single batch biotreater is very flexible in operation and has specific advantages:

  • All operations take place in one tank
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Few moving parts, therefore simple and reliable compact
  • High tolerance/flexibility towards quality and quantity of the raw effluent
  • Volume can easily be handled
  • Good settleability of sludge

Dewatering Drum

The inside fed drum screen with exchangeable filter cloth is a self-cleaning drum filter. The solids are retained onto a fine filter cloth, which is supported by a stainless steel perforated drum. Using a unique and simple combination of rotation and gravity, solid particles are separated with filtered water passing the rotating drum through the cloth and drum perforations.