One of the largest biogas plant in Europe

PJSC Oril Leader

Oril-Leader poultry farm is a full cycle enterprise which produces everything from day-old chicks to broiler chicken meat. The technological process of poultry meat production involves incubating eggs, rearing, slaughtering, and processing broilers. The enterprise manufactures products for sale on the domestic market of Ukraine. The complex was founded in 1980-1981 and joined Mironivsky Hleboproduct (MHP) in the year 2001. The production base of the poultry plant Oril-Leader consists of three lines.

The Background

MHP’s objective is full energy security combined with pure organic farming methods. The main goal of the biogas plant is to digest the chicken manure from the farm and create heat/cooling and energy, as it is helping MHP to become energy self sufficient. At the end of 2014, the biogas plant reached it’s full capacity and during 2015, the biogas plant was working at full capacity. It is the largest biogas plant in Europe to process chicken manure and slaughterhouse waste.

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Installation facts

  • Customer: PJSC Oril-Leader Poultry Farm
  • Industry: Agricultural - Integrated chicken complex
  • Location: Yelyzavetivka, Ukraine
  • Feedstock: approx. 900 ton substrates per day
  • Energy: 5 MWh power

Nijhuis delivery

  • Contract type: General Contractor as turnkey.
  • Added value services: Design, project management and engineering (incl. civil, piping, electrical works) manufacturing, delivery, installation, commissioning and training on site.
  • Solution: Heating tank and Mixing tank, 4x Main and 6x Post digesters (AECOMIXTM-TAURUS), 3x screw presses (NSP), 3x H2s scrubbers, 5x CHP systems (supplied by MHP).
  • Intelligent services: Service contract
  • Official start date: December 2012
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In 2012, Nijhuis won the contract to deliver a full-scale biogas installation to Oril-Leader. The biogas plant started at full capacity generation in 2013 when it produced a total of 5MWh (which is equivalent to the electricity supply to 15.000 apartments and heat supply to 1.500 apartments).

The chicken manure and sorghum will be dosed into a mixing tank, mixed with liquid substrates such as wastewater and flotation sludge and then distributed over 4 main digester tanks (AECOMIXTM-TAURUS). To optimize the biogas production the material is fed from the main digester tanks into 6 post digesters. The biogas will contain relatively high amounts of H2S, which is too high for the gas motors.

The installation is supplied with a desulphurisation system and a gas scrubber. The cleaned gas will be used for the gas boilers of the slaughterhouse, to create cooling by means of swingabsorption in summer time and to run five CHP installations. The digestate is separated in a solid fertilizer and a liquid fraction, which can then be used as fertilizer.

Customer benefits

  1. Complete biogas solution by Nijhuis.
  2. Turn agricultural waste into energy (5MWh).
  3. Treat several types of substrates.
  4. Energy self sufficient system.
  5. Green solution.
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