Factory acceptance test for oil refinery plant in Kazakhstan


Mid-April 2015, nearly one year after the contract had been awarded, Nijhuis carried out the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of the wastewater treatment system for the oil refinery company in Kazakhstan. After successful completion of the FAT all equipment was packed and transported to the wastewater treatment site.

Testing, Packing and transport
In order to execute the FAT the plant was completely assembled and tested, together with representatives of TCO and a third party agency. Inless than one week all FAT procedures and additional safety regulations required for the use of Nijhuis state-of-the-art dissolved air flotationsystem in the oil and gas industry had been successfully passed.

The third party agent carried out the final inspection and all equipment was packed in 26 wooden boxes and recorded in a detailed packing list. Upon receipt of the release note, six trucks drove 4600 km from the Nijhuis headquarters in Doetinchem, the Netherlands toKazakhstan.

The wastewater treatment plant has now been installed, this will be followed by a final commissioning which is scheduled for the second half of 2015.