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Marafiq is the utility lifeline to the industrial cities of Jubail and Yanbu. These two cities are a beacon of light on the Kingdom’s journey of national economic development and privatization. Jubail and Yanbu have been a resounding success in establishing an industrial support base and infrastructure to encourage domestic and international investment in primary and secondary industries, and provide job opportunities for Saudi nationals.

The background

Marafiq is collecting wastewater from several companies and petro-chemical industries. The wastewater is collected in aerated lagoons and then treated. In 2015, Marafiq needed a fast track solution to treat an additional volume of wastewater for early 2016. To meet the deadline and to run the plant beginning in January 2016, the Marafiq approached Nijhuis signing the contract in July 2015.

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Installation facts

Customer: Marafiq

Industry: Utilities

Location: Saudi Arabia, First Industrial Support Area

Design flowrate: 20.000 m3/d

Nijhuis Delivery

Contract type: Complete rental solution

Added value services: Design, project management and engineering, manufacturing, delivery, installation, commissioning, and training on site

Solution: Feed pumps, Flocculation (9x Nijhuis PFR 100S), Flotation (9x Nijhuis IPF 135), Sludge management (3x decanters)

Intelligent services: Service and monitoring contract

Official start date: January 2016

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In July 2015, Nijhuis won the contract to deliver a rental installation to Marafiq. Thanks to the standardization and prefabrication of IPF units at the Nijhuis Headquarters in Doetinchem, within 6 months Nijhuis completed the engineering, procurement, production, transport, customs, site work, installation and the start-up.

The installation will be rented for three years and the solution is consisting of 9 Flocculation units (PFR 100S), 9 Flotation Units (IPF 135), 2 containerized dosing and power distribution systems and 3 decanters. By January 2016 the plant was up and running, thanks to the efforts of the Nijhuis team during the Christmas Holidays.

The customer chose Nijhuis particularly for the flexibility of our company, including the capability to manufacture all equipment ourselves. Since 1 January 2016 the values are monitored daily by the operators and the Nijhuis i-MONITORING service department.

Customer Benefits

  1. Fast track project delivery.
  2. Complete rental system.
  3. Smart incorporated controls to manage and monitor the system.
  4. Nijhuis in-house standardized products, manufacturing and flexibility.
  5. Future ready.
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