Disinfecting condensate water in the dairy industry


Producers of milk power and dairy ingredients have to treat their (vaporized) water which is called the “condensate” and is normally treated as wastewater. Besides the environmental impact, this flow creates unnecessary costs because of the freshwater usage as well as the water discharge costs. When however this flow is disinfected it can be re-used and recycled as CIP cleaning water. This results into a green and sustainable solution saving a large amount of water and consequently reducing water cost both on the intake as well as on the discharge side.

By disinfecting condensate water it can be used to clean in place. As water streams in the dairy industry typically are high on pH, conventional chemical disinfectants like hypochlorite are not applicable. An alternative chemical disinfectant like chlorine dioxide would result in high consumption cost and a complex make-up system. Besides this it would create chemical handling and (food)safety issues. Therefore a chemical-free disinfection solution will the lower operational costs.

The Smart Solution: ozone treatment disinfection

Ozone (O3) disinfects the water and prevents the formation of bacteria like e-coli without any chemical addition. The advantages of using Nijhuis Ozone Solutions instead of chemicals are:

  • Guaranteed bacteria free, disinfected water.
  • No danger of chemical residues in the CIP water (O3 will re-generate to O2, harmless oxygen is the residue).
  • No chemical handling or chemical safety issues.
  • Sustainable, environmentally friendly technology (ambient air and electricity are used as raw materials).
  • Working range is independent on pH level.
  • Most energy efficient ozone system available on the market.