Cooling tower management and treatment at a power plant


Legionella-free cooling water
Ozone gas is a powerful oxidizer and disinfectant, its oxidation potential is 50% higher than that of chlorine. Oxidation is an effective way to disinfect, kill bacteria and viruses and to remove toxic and non-biodegradable components. Ozone decomposes rapidly and therefore leaves no harmful residuals that would need to be removed from the wastewater after treatment.

Unlike ultraviolet and chlorine disinfection, there is no regrowth of microorganisms after ozonation.

Applications for ozone solutions are for example:

  • Legionella prevention in cooling towers
  • Destroying toxic components
  • Reuse of process water
  • Removal of medicinal residues from wastewater
  • Disinfection of wastewater
  • Odor control

E.ON Benelux NV
In December 2010 Nijhuis Ozone Solutions built a 3000 gr ozone system for E.ON Benelux NV to treat recirculating cooling water (total of 15.000 m³/h) coming from four cooling towers at the power heating plant with a joint capacity of 204 MW. This installation is based on the cold plasma technology resulting in the production of more ozone (high concentration of 350 gO³/h) with less energy.

Water management
By our management, maintenance and inspection agreement Nijhuis Ozone Solutions takes total care of the quality of cooling water at E.ON Benelux NV.