3 step integrated wastewater value chain

Nijhuis is part of a consortium that has been successfully awarded the contract to deliver a fully integrated wastewater and sanitation solution for three municipalities in the Accra region of Ghana. The project will be realized together with several NGO’s and private companies in both the Netherlands and Ghana. Also public toilets will be constructed and a collection infrastructure put in place to deliver faecal sludge to three different treatment locations in the municipalities of Nsawam, GA West and GA Central. In total they will have the capacity to process the faecal sludge of 300,000 people including the population of 8,000 people of the Nsawam’s Security Prison.

The consortium successfully managed to obtain a grant from the Dutch Government through the WASH Window program. The grant is obtained by presenting a highly esteemed business plan to the evaluation commission of RVO. The business plan is the result of a year of hard work and close cooperation between Gieling Consultancy, MDF in Holland and Ghana, Nijhuis and local contractors along with the Dutch Embassy and the three local mayors of the municipalities. The business plan was awarded as the best Dutch business plan out of a total of 22 initial plans submitted.

Nijhuis will design, build, operate and maintain the three wastewater treatment plants in the period between 2015 to the end of 2019. The water will be used for agricultural applications and the sludges will be used for biogas production in locally built digesters. The digested sludge will be composted and sold as fertilizer. The treated water will be applied for agricultural and industrial use.

The Special Treat Project is offering a three step integrated wastewater value chain consisting of a filtration step, physical / chemical treatment and biological treatment by double SBR. The prison and public toilet blocks will provide the faecal sludge and will mix with faecal sludge from households, hotels and enclosed compounds and be collected by trucks. The aim of the project is to divert the sludge, which is currently discharged into the sea at Lavender Hill, to three different treatment locations securing a healthier and safer environment.

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