Nijhuis contract staircase

Nijhuis has developed a contract staircase model to offer different contract forms to our customers. The staircase consist of design (D) – build (B) - finance (F) – operate (O) and -maintain (M) services to completely match your requirements. In this respect we offer turnkey, lumps sum and open book contracts.

With each of these steps your total cost of ownership will be lowered by enhancing our involvement and offering operational excellence, expertise and specifications. The project execution is performed with a multi-disciplinary team based on our execution services. By this means we can guarantee solution performances and operational consumables, minimizing customer surprises during installation operations.

Design and build:
  • Design responsibility Nijhuis Industries.
  • Turnkey solution.

Design, build and maintain (including above items):

  • i-ACADEMY (for operators and managers).
  • 24/7 support.
  • Online monitoring (i-MONITORING) and process control (i-CONTROL).
  • Low risk of process failure.
  • Preventive or risk based maintenance
  • On stock low cost spare parts with fast track delivery time

Design, build, maintain and operate (including above items):

  • Operational excellence.
  • Low usage of consumables like chemicals and energy.
  • Reduce personal cost.
  • Low risk operational mistake.
  • Low sludge production.

Design, build, maintain, operate and finance (including above items):

  • Financial flexibility.
  • Possible extended CAPITAL expenses.
  • Lower interest rates.
  • Lower CAPEX by Nijhuis standard specifications.