Interview with Menno Holterman, CEO of Nijhuis Saur Industries

By Jac van Tuijn, journalist WaterForum (original interviIt was a great start for Nijhuis Industries after their takeover by the French company, Saur in 2020. This is the opinion of Menno Holterman, who has been appointed to lead all industrial activities for the French water giant from Doetinchem, the Netherlands. The sale will by no means be a loss for the Dutch water technology sector, he explains in his interview with the Dutch water magazine ‘WaterForum’.

The water sector was hit by a bombshell on the nineteenth of June in 2020. The news about Nijhuis was always that they had taken over some foreign company and, as a result, could continue their growth to become a leading Dutch water technology company that builds industrial water treatment installations all over the world. In 2019, the company achieved a turnover of €90 million. It was also a year where the one hundred and fifteenth anniversary of the company was loudly celebrated in Doetinchem. Invitees were given the opportunity to view the impressive manufacturing facility, where filters, dissolved air flotation units, pumps, sludge presses and sensors, are assembled into installations that are shipped all over the world. The company is continuously reporting new contracts and innovative breakthroughs.