Help us make the world a better place

Everyday, Nijhuis Industries contributes to sustaining our environment for generations to come. Whether through cleaning and reusing water, recovering valuables, creating energy or disinfecting water for recycling, Nijhuis Industries is tirelessly engaged in helping major industrial companies to restore our planet’s health. If you want to offer your expertise to developing innovative solutions for making the world a better place, we invite you to consider starting, or continuing, your career at Nijhuis Industries. Our firm belief in people means we offer excellent conditions and extensive training and development programs designed specifically to help you give the world your very best.

Raising global standards

With activities in over 40 countries and a team of over 200 specialists operating around the world, our influence is far-reaching. In everything we do, our aim is to create solid solutions in a fluid world that are innovative and practical and that will raise global standards in the field of water technology, raw material and energy recovery.

Committed to reliability

By cultivating a corporate climate of reliability, honesty and integrity, we maintain strong, lasting relationships with our clients and partners as well as with each other. It is this commitment that enables us to realize our global ambitions in a spirit of camaraderie, enthusiasm and with a great sense of fulfilment.

Open-minded, flexible ambitious

The demand for sustainable, innovative water and energy solutions is constantly growing. And so are we! This means we’re always on the lookout for open-minded, flexible and ambitious people eager to join our team. Please contact us if you are interested or have any questions or suggestions.

Internships and graduation projects

At Nijhuis Industries, we believe the innovation we pursue begins with investing in people. For this reason, we offer a range of internships and graduation projects in a broad variety of disciplines to students eager to develop their skills and knowledge and join us in reaching higher. Please contact us to discuss possibilities.

Onze vacatures

  • Internschip: Electrocoagulation for the removal of pollutants from wastewater

    Chemical coagulation is one of the most applied processes for removal of contaminants from wastewater. The process requires significant amount of chemical dosage, which results in secondary pollution and high operational costs. Electrocoagulation is a promising alternative, which became a proven and effective method for treating wastewater due to its high efficiency in removing number of pollutants. The technology has some advantages over the chemical coagulation such as robustness, ease of operation, simple equipment, less treatment time, use of less or no chemicals and smaller amount of sludge produced.
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  • Assistant Controller

    Als Assistant Controller ben je mede verantwoordelijk voor de juistheid, tijdigheid en volledigheid van de financiële administratie van Nijhuis Industries. Daarbij is de samenwerking met andere disciplines binnen de organisatie van essentieel belang. In deze rol rapporteer je aan de Manager Finance & Control.
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  • Business Development Manager Municipal Water Solutions

    Nijhuis Water Technology heeft de afgelopen jaren succesvol een eigen portfolio ontwikkeld met innovatieve oplossingen voor het verwijderen en/of terugwinnen van organische stof, olie, stikstof, fosfaat, het vergaand verwijderen van organische microverontreinigingen en het reduceren van slibstromen. De vraag naar onze oplossingen neemt wereldwijd toe en daarom zijn wij op zoek naar een Business Development Manager Municipal Water Solutions.
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  • Internship: Resource recovery from wastewater with membrane and ION-exchange Technologies

    Goal of this internship is to gain more fundamental knowledge on the field of ion exchange and ion exchange as addition to the direct nanofiltration systems. With this knowledge you can contribute to the design and development of pilot- or full-scale projects for resource recovery from wastewater.
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  • Nijhuis UK & Ireland: Graduate Engineer

    The successful applicant will be responsible for the preparation, issue and management of technical project information reports, including drawing information and calculations in accordance with the standard requirements of the Company.
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  • (Sr.) Process Engineer

    In deze functie ben je verantwoordelijk voor het in detail uitwerken van complexe projecten op het gebied van waterzuivering, hergebruik en waste to value.
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  • Lasser (m/v)

    In deze functie ben je verantwoordelijk voor het op juiste wijze lassen van (roestvrij) stalen onderdelen tot complete constructies die worden toegepast in afvalwaterbehandeling, slibbehandeling, biogas en andere voorkomende installaties van Nijhuis Industries. De Lasser is onderdeel van de afdeling productie van ongeveer 15 medewerkers.
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  • Mechanical Engineer m/v

    Op deze afdeling worden alle producten & prefab waterzuiveringen uitgewerkt die door Nijhuis geproduceerd worden. Aangezien R&D, Engineering en Productie in één bedrijfspand zijn ondergebracht, ben je veel betrokken bij de ontwikkeling & productie van de producten.
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  • Monteur (m/v)

    In deze functie ben je verantwoordelijk voor het assembleren van alle mogelijke onderdelen op het gebied van waterzuivering tot Nijhuis systemen.
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  • Calculator Turnkey

    Als ‘Calculator Turnkey’ ben je verantwoordelijk voor het maken van Basic Designs, Bill of Quantities en kostencalculaties van turnkey projecten. Je bent werkzaam op de afdeling Sales, maar je zal ook regelmatig aanschuiven bij overleg van de afdeling Lead Mechanical Engineering.
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  • Software Engineer (m/v)

    De Software Engineer is verantwoordelijk voor het ontwerpen en schrijven van besturingssoftware ten behoeve van waterzuiveringsinstallaties, slibbehandelingssystemen en biogasinstallaties.
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  • Internship: Genius Low – C NK

    The goal of this internship or graduation project is to develop and further optimize the Nijhuis system for nutrient recovery. During this internship assignment you will conduct a series of laboratory experiments, to support the design of new pilot plant. In addition, you will prepare an economical study including an estimation of the investment and running costs to compare the green fertilizer production to conventional fertilizers.
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  • Internship: Removal of medicines and antibiotic resistant bacteria from wastewater

    The goal of this internship or graduation project is to develop and optimize our oxidation and absorption pilot systems for the removal of medicines and resistant bacteria from wastewater. The internship project will be carried out by performing a series of laboratory and pilot experiments to find the optimal operational conditions and process design. Furthermore, an estimation of the investment and running costs will be investigated based on the experiments for these different systems
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