Visit Nijhuis Industries and Fluiteco at Ecomondo 2018 - Booth: D2.057 - Turn your (waste)water into PROFIT

Nijhuis Industries and Fluiteco will participate with a joined booth at Ecomondo 2018, combining the strengths of the companies with turn-key process solutions and single product components for wastewater, water and manure.

Between 6 and 9 November in Rimini Italy, you can visit booth D2. 057 and discover the comprehensive Nijhuis Industries portfolio of integrated sustainable water use and resource recovery solutions, turning (waste)water into profit towards a circular economy. Fluiteco is adding a large range of high quality and smart separation and filtration products, which is making both companies an even more attractive partner for their rapidly expanding global municipal and industrial client base.

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Highlighted solutions at Ecomondo 2018

Smart (Waste)water Separation Technologies

  • Nijhuis i-DAF - The Dissolved Air Flotation system is based on the Nijhuis proprietary and intelligent aeration system (i-AERATION) which forms fine air bubbles that support and increase the separation of particles. The DAF units can be supplied with several add-ons, making the unit the most intelligent DAF (i-DAF) on the planet.
  • Nijhuis Screw Press (NSP) – With its longstanding industrial experience, Nijhuis Industries has developed a cost-effective screw press system (NSP) for sludge dewatering to deal with a wide range types of sludge. That being said, NSP unit is suitable to handle both biological and physical-chemical types of sludge.
  • Nijhuis i-DOSE - The i-DOSE system ensure operational excellence with real-time control of utilities for pre-treatment, secondary treatment and tertiary treatment to save on chemical consumption, guarantee process control stability and always be compliant to effluent requirements.
  • Fluiteco Rotary bar screen GTS - Rotary bar fine screen designed with double drive to grant a perfect screening function without contact of mechanical components with effluent. Suitable to be installed as inchannel fine screen and/or screening equipment for effluent coming from septic tanks.

Modular Manure & Co-digestion Treatment

  • Nijhuis GENIUS - GENIUS is a total solution for manure and turns raw manure or digestate into for example electricity, phosphate, nitrogen and potassium fertilizer and clean water. The principle of GENIUS is based on producing green minerals based on an innovative, cost saving and sustainable way and consisting of a combination of smart technologies.

Legionella-free cooling towers

  • Nijhuis Ozone Solutions - Nijhuis developed a unique and innovative technology to eliminate legionella from open cooling water systems, chemical free. With the special method of dissolving and injecting ozone into cooling water, complete disinfection is achieved.
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About Ecomondo

Ecomondo is the leading Euro-Mediterranean area green and circular economy expo. An international event with an innovative format that brings together all sectors of the circular economy in a single platform: from material and energy recovery to sustainable development.

About the cooperation of Nijhuis Industries and Fluiteco

Nijhuis Industries and Fluiteco officially launched their cooperation in May 2018 at the IFAT in Munich. The cooperation is not only focussing on actively serving the regional market in Italy and San Marino but the commercial and service teams of both companies are also actively exploring joint opportunities in each region around. For Fluiteco is this cooperation a landmark in the company history, especially as Nijhuis Industries is offering Fluiteco access to the global market, existing and future clients in over 130 countries and together more than 2,600 references. Both teams also share the same passion to exceed the clients’ expectations and design and deliver the best and most competitive solution instead of just a single product.

Visit us at booth number D2.057.

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