"The best IFAT ever"

Dear customers and business partners,

Following the successful participation of Nijhuis Industries at the IFAT in May, and the inspiring atmosphere we created with our colleagues, clients and business partners, we herewith present you a summary of our participation. This edition will update you with personal stories of the Nijhuis IFAT crew, to give you a personal insight into our participation.

Nijhuis Industries recorded not only a record number of visitors at our booth, but also an exceptionally large number of inquiries and signed orders during the event. A lot of attention was given to our booth design, as we were able to accommodate a large Nijhuis crew team, whilst meeting and offering hospitality to an even larger number of visitors.

This edition of IFAT, Nijhuis once again presented a record number of innovative concepts, solutions and added-value services. These innovative concepts provided our clients a clear impression about our group capabilities, and made sure it was understood what Nijhuis Industries has to offer. The Nijhuis Industries brand is clearly recognized as one of the industry leaders and true system integrators in the global water and wastewater market, whilst being a serious, professional, trustworthy and reliable partner.

Nijhuis Industries is a company which always delivers a solid solution in a fluid world, and turns the (waste)water of our clients into PROFIT. We are extremely pleased with the results and positive feedback received from our clients during IFAT. Not only are the continuous efforts of Nijhuis

Industries to bring new innovations to the market being recognised, but also our efforts on sustainable water use and resource recovery, including game-changing concepts like ‘waste to taste’, resulted in a very positive and optimistic atmosphere during the entire week.

  • IFAT-2018

It is very encouraging for our team to experience feedback from clients and business partners that they do believe in our continuous efforts to improve and help them to lower their environmental footprint and life-cycle cost. In turn, this enables them to make their operations more resilient to climate change, and to contribute to the circular economy.

Compared to previous years, a lot more industrial and municipal clients were looking for solutions to put theory into practice. Under the guidance of our Water Doctor, jar-tests were conducted at our booth, demonstrating the Nijhuis approach to designing cost-compelling, and tailor-made solutions for our clients.

The Nijhuis MODULUTION-boxframe was a real eye-catcher, causing a lot of visitors to stop as they walked past to view the equipment inside. This Nijhuis box-frame was a testament to the space saving and solid solutions delivered by Nijhuis, with the Nijhuis screw press, i-DAF, i-CONTROL and redesigned i-DOSE solution all being safely and securely mounted inside a small footprint.

By incorporating i-DOSE, the dosing of chemicals based upon real-time, on-line, measurement of COD can securing savings of up to 30% of chemical consumptions.

The Nijhuis solutions for chemical free water treatment were also highly appreciated. The range of solutions on our booth included an extensive range of water reuse options, alongside a large variety of membranes, filters and treatment technologies from different partners on projects which are currently being delivered.

For municipal clients, the Nijhuis high rate concrete i-DAF was displayed together with the proprietary 1-STEP® filter, an example of an integrated solution to remove medical residues and other proprietary components from the wastewater in one single step.

In order to take advantage of the interest that we anticipated our booth design would generate, additional space was created on the first floor of our booth. This area provided our guests and Nijhuis crew team a pleasant and comfortable environment to have extensive discussions and indepth conversations.

  • IFAT-2018-2

We have no doubt that this environment resulted in a record number of sales leads, which now require immediate follow-up during the weeks to come. Also, the catering team from Sardinia was well received, especially when combined with the Italian wines and special craft beers brewed by the Nijhuis brew masters.

Together with the marketing team and CAS (our stand builder), a very modern, solid and attractive booth was created. We are very pleased that within the limited space available, we were able to impress our clients and business partners to such an extent.

For Nijhuis Industries, IFAT 2018 was a highly successful event, which brought numerous orders, leads and opportunities. The event also confirmed Nijhuis has a leading solution provider to help clients implement their business and sustainability goals, to build a more resilient future, and to contribute to the circular economy at the same time.

I wish to give special thanks to the entire team of Nijhuis colleagues, who together with our business partners, made this year’s exhibition unforgettable and the best IFAT ever.

Very best regards,

Menno M. Holterman, CEO,

on behalf of the Nijhuis Industries team