POWER-GEN Europe – Nijhuis Industries participation

Now in its 25th year, POWER-GEN Europe and co-located Renewable Energy World Europe, is the dynamic centre point, where a rapidly evolving power industry meets to gather information and compare views on shared opportunities and challenges. Attracting a worldwide audience, it is the industry’s premier event, resolved to discussing solutions for advancing Europe's energy future.

Featuring the leading suppliers, sub-suppliers, service providers and end-users across the entire power generation value chain, POWER-GEN Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe encapsulate all aspects of today’s centralised and distributed power generation sector. Together they combine strategic and technical presentations with the largest trade show exhibition of power equipment and services in Europe.


Booth G73
Visit the Holland Pavilion G73, and discover the Nijhuis chemical free solutions to disinfect cooling water of power plants with ozone and automatically clean your heat exchanger with the Nijhuis ATC.
You’re welcome to enjoy the Dutch hospitality and meet the Nijhuis experts by sharing their expertise and knowledge how to treat your cooling water and clean your heat exchanger environment-friendly!

Chemical free disinfection of cooling water
Open cooling tower systems and heat exchangers recycle water for heat exchanging. Excess heat is transferred into the air by evaporation of water. Cooling towers and heat exchangers are susceptible to pollution. This is caused by bio fouling, scaling and corrosion which all can bring the system to a hold. In addition to this, the system is also in danger of legionella outbreaks which can be harmful for human beings or even cause fatality.

Applying Nijhuis Ozone Solutions in combination with the integrated water management program, guarantees a continuous disinfected water system: safe, sustainable, energy efficient and chemical free.

Keep your heat exchanger in optimal condition
Heat exchangers are considered to be one of the largest power consumers in power, food & beverage, chemical, oil & gas and pulp & paper plants. Research indicates that a fouling layer of only 0.6 mm on heat exchanger tubes reduces the heat transfer efficiency by 34% and results in a higher power consumption of 21%.Conventional methods such as the dosing of chemicals and manual cleaning fail to fulfill sustainability and economical goals and will shut down the heat exchanger process for a longer period.

The Nijhuis Automatic Tube Cleaning system, ATC, is the ultimate continuous solution to keep your process and air-condition heat exchanger in optimal condition and at the lowest possible costs. More than 200 customers in various industries worldwide are benefitting from the use of the Nijhuis Automatic Tube Cleaning in their heat exchanger.