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  • Large global bank located in London chooses Nijhuis Deba to refurbish 14 cooling towers

    - ​A large global bank, whose headquarters are located in London has given Nijhuis Deba the order to refurbish their 20-year-old cooling towers to their original state. The order was received in January 2020 and work has commenced, since all 14 cooling towers have to be mechanically checked and in compliance before the high cooling season starts in May.
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  • Company message on COVID-19

    - As a global multinational company we are diligently monitoring the developments around the world concerning the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. Since the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic, immediate measures have been taken to protect the health and well-being of our employees at the various Nijhuis operations around the world, including our manufacturing facility and headquarters in the Netherlands, to help ensure our customers receive the best possible service, delivery and support.
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  • Nijhuis Industries has been nominated for the prestigious Water Technology Company of the Year 2020 award

    - As innovative and international operating water technology company, Nijhuis Industries is proud and delighted to be nominated by the globally renowned Global Water Intelligence institute for Water Technology Company of the Year 2020. The nomination recognizes the continued investments in innovative technologies and applications to help customers finding economical, flexible and circular solutions, and at the same time responding to increasingly stringent regulations and dynamic market conditions.
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  • Tank terminal company chooses a plug and play modular pre-treatment wastewater solution

    - Since 1997, a tank terminal for mineral and edible oil in Rotterdam is using a wastewater treatment installation from Nijhuis for the run-off water for the storage facility. The installation existed of stirred tank reactors for the chemical treatment and a big open flotation basin.
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  • Nijhuis NEWS - Edition 19 - 2020

    - The fragile global economy and political instability in some parts of the world, combined with the unpredictable weather in many parts of the world, result in too much, too less or too polluted water. This demands solid and adaptive solutions for a sustainable and resilient future.
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  • Nijhuis Industries' tech strategy pays off

    - Global Water Intelligence Magazine interview with Menno M. Holterman about "Nijhuis Industries' tech strategy pays off". Revenue is booming as the Dutch company develops new markets, new geographies, and new business models. Rivals should take note.
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  • Revolutionary borehole water treatment for Davao City (Philippines) to increase fresh water availability

    - East Asia Solutions has given Nijhuis Industries and NXF Filtration the order to realize a plug & play packaged Direct Nano Filtration (NMS-dNF) solution to treat borehole water for the city of Davao. The unit is now being commissioned and in operation.
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  • Meet the sustainable water reuse expert! Join the Nijhuis Industries presentation at the Life PureAgroH2O conference

    ALX 2045-Αντιγραφή
    - The Benaki Phytopathological Institute in collaboration with the National Center of Research “Demokritos” are organizing a conference entitled “Connecting innovative water reuse technologies with the Food Industry” in the framework of the Life PureAgroH2O project. This conference will bring together several organizations that face sustainable challenges and those who offer solutions to solve those challenges.
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  • Nijhuis NEWS - Edition 18 - November 2019

    - For decades, we have installed water and waste treatment solutions all over the world, which have had a hugely positive environmental impact, meeting the increasingly demanding sustainability requirements. Whilst we take proudness in our heritage and the expertise and knowledge we have gathered the last 115 years, it is time to look to the future.
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  • The first-ever worldwide Green Mineral Mining Center has been opened by Dutch queen Máxima as a circular solution for manure challenges

    - On 4 September (2019), the first-ever worldwide Green Mineral Mining Center which recovers organic nutrients, fertilizers and clean water from manure was opened in the Netherlands. The installation plays an important role in helping solve the manure issues and improve biodiversity.
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