Nijhuis Industries Water & Health - A guide with tips and suggestions in COVID-19 times

As a global multinational company, we are diligently monitoring the developments around the world concerning the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Since the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic, immediate measures have been taken to protect the health and well-being of our employees throughout Nijhuis operations around the world, including our manufacturing facility and headquarters in the Netherlands, to help ensure our customers receive the best possible service, delivery and support.

It’s essential that we keep the lines of communication open during these challenging and changing times; our teams around the world are ready to respond to your questions and concerns during lockdown periods and during post-lockdown periods when several facilities are being recommissioned.

Providing solid and adaptive water solutions are one of the key enablers to accelerate post-crisis recovery towards a sustainable and resilient world with water as the fundamental driver.

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The Nijhuis Industries ‘Water & Health’ guide provides suggestions and tips

for sustainable and resilient water management in COVID-19 times

Stay Safe | Stay Healthy | Stay Positive

The Nijhuis Industries ‘Water & Health’ guide

Read the guide and discover our key recommendations for ‘Water and Health’ and a post-COVID-19 strategy, such as:

  • Prevent Legionella in Buildings During Lockdown and Normal Operation
  • How Do You Warrant Today's Productivity and Avoid Wastewater Surcharge Penalties at The Same Time
  • Working Safe with Wastewater
  • Treatment at the Source | MediOxi
  • Keep Installation and Commissioning Work Going
  • Initiatives and Projects at Nijhuis Industries


Sustainable and Resilient Water Management in COVID-19 times