Nijhuis NEWS - Edition 17 - April 2019

Every drop counts!

The 115 year celebration of Nijhuis is a very special moment in our company history. On 5th of April 1904 Gerrit Jan Nijhuis founded ‘Machinefabriek G.J. Nijhuis’, initially a repair workshop for textiles, dairy and slaughterhouse equipment which later expanded to design and manufacture generators, motors and iron equipment. We are hugely inspired by the entrepreneurship of our founders and share the same passion and vision to satisfy our clients, by supplying high quality solutions. Innovation has always played a very important role in our company history and is increasingly one of the most crucial ways to address the growing need for clean water.

The very warm summers and floods in many parts of the world, have clearly shown the vulnerability of oureco-system and the immediate effect of climate change. To solve some of these challenges, radical changes have to be implemented to guarantee today’s population a minimum welfare and increase the living standards for billions of people across the world. Access to clean water and air, healthy food, renewable energy and zero waste are essential to secure 9 billion people an improved quality of life.

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Continuous innovation in the DNA of our company

For 115 years our company has been involved in some of the most important industries like agriculture, food, beverage, dairy, textile, oil, gas and chemicals. In recent years we have also been actively engaging with the municipal, holiday and leisure markets. Our knowhow, expertise and desire to satisfy the needs of our clients with high quality and affordable technical solutions have been decisive factors. Continuous innovation has always been within the DNA of our company; however, today’s challenges are asking for even more flexibility and some radical changes in order to have an impact and meet the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

In this special edition of Nijhuis News we proudly share our heritage and show you some inspiring examples of how our teams around the world are helping you to satisfy your needs. Our engineering principles to ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recover’ are essential in meeting today’s requirements which can only be reached by continuous innovation and application of advanced technology.

Over the last 115 years people have always been our most important asset. Today, Nijhuis is active in over 140 countries and our team of over 300 highly skilled and motivated colleagues have the same spirit as our founder, to deliver solid solutions in today’s fluid world. However, we are also very thankful to our business and academic partners, suppliers and above all our clients, for their ongoing loyalty to our company. We look forward to working together even more closely during the decades to come! Please contact any of our colleagues, including myself, if you need support in turning your (waste) water into profit, reducing your impact on your environmental footprint, for which ‘every drop of water counts’!

Very best regards,

Menno M. Holterman

Chief Executive Officer

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