Nijhuis NEWS - Edition 15 - May 2018

“Reduce, Reuse & Recover water & resources to create PROFIT”

Putting innovation into practice

Many qualities have remained consistent from the start of the company - the entrepreneurial spirit, the desire to design and deliver the best solution, the vast knowledge and experience, the manufacturing skills and the drive to continuously adapt to the ever-demanding customer requirements and market demands.

One of the biggest challenges has been to consistently put innovation into practice. However, we feel that our global clientele has never been so receptive to implement our highly innovative products, game changing solutions and added-value services.

We use our adaptive and flexible approach to help our clients turn their (waste)water into value by reducing their environmental footprint and life-cycle cost. This approach has simultaneously been a strong foundation of our continued success as well as an expectation from customers in today’s fluid world.

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GLocal Network

The big difference, over the last 114 years, has been made by the Nijhuis people and we are very proud that today Nijhuis colleagues are working in 10 different locations around the world together with our valued business partners and suppliers - working together to serve our customer’s needs.

Become more resilient for climate change

However, Nijhuis Industries is not alone in feeling the sense of urgency to implement sustainable change. We are finding sustainability high on the agenda in every sector that we work in. City authorities, utilities, industries, urban developers, planners, architects, governments and investors are working collectively to implement smarter solutions to become more resilient for climate change, respect water scarcity, reduce their environmental footprint and make their own contribution to the circular economy.

Smart Plant Philosophy

Operating in this environment also comes with a duty to continuously improve. The recent installation of a roof top solar park, with a capacity of almost 400 Mwh, at our headquarters is making a significant impact. Equally important will be the record number of innovations and added value services that we are introducing to the market. For example, the Nijhuis Smart Plant philosophy, including i-MONITORING, which will be on show again at the upcoming IFAT in Munich. Another example of how we are helping our customers to reduce, reuse and recover and to lower their life-cycle cost at the same time.

A source of inspiration

All of our team members, including myself, are looking forward to meeting you in person in order to develop together the best and most economical solution for any of your challenges and we sincerely hope that this edition of Nijhuis NEWS can be a source of inspiration!”

Very best regards,

Menno M. Holterman, CEO, on behalf of the Nijhuis Industries team

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