Nijhuis NEWS - Edition 14 - February 2018

‘When it comes to success, it’s all about the people’

“With the success we have achieved in the past and the recent win of the biggest project in Nijhuis history, as one of the leading companies in sustainable water use and resource recovery, the WWi nomination is a wonderful compliment for the Nijhuis people and team. We have mobilized our team to fully meet and satisfy the ever-demanding requirements from our Global clientele.

‘Success is a choice’, but, it does not come automatically. At Nijhuis we believe in anticipating the challenges within cities, utilities and industries that require smart, resilient and solid solutions in todays ‘fluid’ and constantly changing world.”

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Embrace the opportunities of the circular economy

“We have much to offer our customers and communities alike andlook forward to continuing our journey together to embrace the opportunities of the circular economyby creating a more sustainable world. Nijhuis Industries, our business partners, other stakeholders and above all you, can make an impact on how we are going to shape our future.”

Respond to needs and requirements
“By promoting best practice across our worldwide businesses, gained in more than 2,600 references, combined with continuous innovation and improvement, we can ensure that the wealth of knowledge that our global team has developed is used to your best advantage. Besides solving waste and water challenges, we are also keen to understand the issues that ‘keep clients awake’ in order to make sure our research & development activities will respond to your immediate and future needs and requirements.”

Innovations to reduce, reuse and recover water and resources

The ten new innovations for municipal and industrial treatment applications introduced during the AIWW and Aquatech 2017 are perfect examples how we can turn (waste)water into PROFIT and develop the best business case with the lowest possible OPEX, CAPEX and R.O.I. For example the recent order in Croatia for a poultry slaughterhouseconsisting of the game changing Nijhuis AECO-FAT solution (fat recovery), combined with a Nijhuis Screw Press (reducing sludge costs) and Nijhuis i-DOSE (reducing operational time and chemical costs) shows that clients today, are not only looking for solid solutions, but embrace newly introduced innovations to reduce, reuse and recover water and resources.

Last but not least, the large waste to value project in Egypt is a crowning achievement for the Nijhuis team, which is currently working hard together with our client and business partners to finalize detailed engineering and start manufacturing at our headquarters. The plant consists of Nijhuis proven technologies for the physical-chemical, aerobic and anaerobic biological treatment, active sludge and tertiary treatment, to meet the strict effluent requirements, and will optimise the recovery of biogas and energy from the effluent. This is of critical importance, due to the limited availability of power from the grid, and hence why the WWTP is designed to become self-sufficient and energy neutral."

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Nijhuis customer base

"At the start of another new and exciting year I would like to thank our fast growing customer base around the world for their continuous loyalty and look forward together with our global Nijhuis team to become or stay your partner of choice.”

Kind regards,

Menno M. Holterman, on behalf of the Nijhuis Industries team

Chief Executive Officer