Nijhuis Industries to participate in WEFTEC 2017 - Booth #8600

During this year’s WEFTEC, Nijhuis Industries will be presenting several game-changing technologies and resource recovery innovations to the North American market at the McCormick Place in Chicago between 30 September and 4 October.


Dissolved air flotation (DAF) is often applied to treat industrial wastewater containing high oil & grease by which TSS removal of 45-70% and oil & grease removal of 50-80% can be achieved without chemicals. However, fat which is part of the dry matter constituent in the sludge, is often neglected, even though it has high potential as an economically valuable resource such as heating fuel, biofuel, cosmetics, and/or cosubstrate for anaerobic digestion.

How can fat be recovered from the wastewater?

Fat can be recovered with Nijhuis AECO-FAT, a total sludge management solution including a dissolved air flotation unit, followed by a disconnector and separation into a liquid fat, a water and a solids fraction. This way an economical value has been added to the recovered product.

Booth #8600

Stop by the Nijhuis Industries booth (#8600) to learn more about our customized solutions, innovations and case studies for wastewater pre-treatment, biological treatment, modular solutions, water reuse and recycle, waste-to-value and intelligent services.

Learn more about Nijhuis AECO-FAT during the technical session
A Nijhuis technical session presentation, AECO-FAT, will take place during the technical conference and will focus on the recovery of fat of industrial wastewater into biofuel.