Nijhuis Industries to participate in IFAT München 2018 - Booth #A3.251/350

Turn (waste)water into PROFIT

In 2018, the world’s biggest environmental technology trade fair will again be taking up all the available exhibition halls and a part of the open-air site at Messe München—in total 230,000 square meters and takes places from 14-18 May 2018.

During IFAT you can experience the latest Nijhuis solutions for today's and future challenges with all the Nijhuis experts in the field. Discover the latest trends, make profitable business relationships, exchange ideas and update your knowledge to turn (waste)water into profit. We look forward to presenting to you our latest innovations and invite you to enjoy our hospitality, talk with our Nijhuis experts and team as well as our specially crafted beer during the fantastic Nijhuis party.

Let's meet at our booth: #A3.251/350

​Discover our mission - turn your (waste)water into PROFIT

At Nijhuis Industries it is our mission to help customers to reduce, reuse and recover water and resources to create profit. We help our valued customers to meet their increasingly demanding sustainability requirements, lower their environmental footprint, combine productivity and energy efficiency and reduce life cycle cost at the same time. We design, build, finance, operate and maintain (waste)water treatment plants to turn cost into PROFIT with a unique portfolio of smart and game-changing solutions in sustainable water use and resource recovery.

Discover the latest innovations

At IFAT 2018, visitors get the opportunity to discover game-changing innovations for municipal and industrial (waste)water at the Nijhuis booth (#A3.251/350), combined with our successful projects portfolio all over the world.

We showcase innovations for municipal water use, such as our concrete High Rate i-DAF, 1-STEP® filter and our tertiary i-DAF. For the recovery of resources, we showcase innovations to recover ammonia (AECO-NAR), fat (AECO-FAT), and biogas (AECOMIXTM). For the management of sludge, we present a cost-effective and flexible solution: the Nijhuis Screw Press (NSP).

To address the requirements of a growing number of customers to extend production infrastructure lifetime, improve sustainability and reduce total cost of ownership, we present our modular decentralized solutions: MODULUTIONS. After our recent orders and current project executions, we present our botanical garden solution (BIOCTOR-BOTANIC) and water reuse possibilities (membrane technologies) for industrial WWTP’s. To reduce the life-cycle cost of installations, we showcase our i-MONITORING and i-CONTROL services.

Enjoy our hospitality - Nijhuis catering and booth party

After the successful IFAT editions of 2014 and 2016, we once again invite you to enjoy our professional catering and taste recovered food and drinks from waste and wastewater and taste the original products from our food, dairy and beverage customers. To end the exhibition day, we invite you to go to our booth party and taste our specially crafted Nijhuis beer. If you have the ‘untappd app’ on your smartphone, please rate the Nijhuis beer!

​Meet the experts - “when it comes to success, it’s all about the PEOPLE”

To develop the best economical business case for your (waste)water treatment plant, please meet the Nijhuis experts and the experienced team to help you to reduce, reuse and recover water and resources. We develop a business case which will create sustainable profit, and design an installation which will meet today’s and future challenges.

Nijhuis was founded in 1904 and our flexibility and customer oriented approach have been important values in our company history with more than 2,600 references around the globe