Nijhuis Industries participation to Aquatech 2017, booth 07.230

Turning (waste)water into Profit

From 31 October to 3 November the global water industry will meet again in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, for the Aquatech, to join the largest meetup of water professionals in the world for municipal and industrial water and wastewater.

During Aquatech you can experience the latest solutions for today's and future challenges with all the Nijhuis experts in the field. Discover the latest trends, make profitable business relationships, exchange ideas and update your knowledge to turn (waste)water into profit.

Nijhuis launches another record number of innovations

During Aquatech 2017, visitors get the opportunity to discover more than 10 game-changing innovations for municipal and industrial (waste)water at the Nijhuis booth (#07.230), combined with our successful projects portfolio all over the world.

With solid solutions for sustainable water use and resource recovery, it is Nijhuis’ mission to turn (waste)water into profit by reduce the environmental footprint (chemicals, water, sludge and energy), to reuse treated effluent or process water and to recover water and valuable resources from your waste and (waste)water towards a circular economy.

Municipal Water Use

During Aquatech 2017 we introduce the following innovations for municipal water use:

  • Nijhuis High Rate Concrete i-DAF for desalination and industrial zone applications; the compact and modular expandable DAF solution for effective solids removal
    Also presented at the Desalination Platform
  • 1-STEP filter, combining four processes in one single additional treatment unit to remove suspended solids, chemical phosphate and heavy metals.
  • Nijhuis Tertairy i-DAF for polishing of municipal (waste)water, the highest removal efficiency of tertiary water treatment combined with intelligent dosing control (i-DOSE)
    Also presented at the AIWW

Resource Recovery

During Aquatech 2017 we introduce the following innovations for municipal, industrial and waste-to-value applications:

  • Nijhuis AECO-FAT to recover fat from wastewater, turning fat into biodiesel
    Also presented at the AIWW
  • Nijhuis AECO-NAR to remove and recover ammonia from centrate water / digestate, turning ammonia into green fertilizer
    Also presented at the AIWW
  • Nijhuis AECOMIXTM, a complete range of biogas/anaerobic solutions to turn waste and wastewater into energy
  • Nijhuis GENIUS; a complete manure and digestate solution, turning manure into clean water and green fertilizers
    Also presented at the AIWW | Nominated for the Aquatech Innovation Award in the category Waste water treatment

Sludge Management

Sludge disposal costs are a key component in the operational costs of wastewater and waste treatment systems for municipal and industrial applications. During Aquatech 2017 we introduce the Nijhuis Screw Press (NSP), a solid and effective solution to dewater sludge.

Modular (waste)water Treatment​

During Aquatech 2017 we introduce a full range of Nijhuis MODULUTIONS for industrial and municipal applications. Nijhuis MODULUTIONS address the requirements of a growing number of customers to extend production infrastructure lifetime, improve sustainability and reduce total cost of ownership.

We realize our MODULUTIONS in prefabricated containers, on skid or/and boxframe ensuring you have the flexibility to realize a plant with the lowest possible total cost of ownership. You can discover a complete modular wastewater treatment system in a boxframe at our booth, completely assembled at our innovative Nijhuis Production Facility in the Netherlands.

Water Reuse - Don’t waste your water

Today most of the large corporations have decided to make reuse mandatory, not only on greenfield projects, but on a lot of brownfield projects and upgrades and expansions of existing plants. During Aquatech 2017 we introduce our Nijhuis Ozone Solutions for several

industrial and municipal application such as process water reuse, cooling water disinfection, and removal of pharmaceuticals and micropollutants from (municipal) wastewater.

Another game-changing innovation which we will introduce is the Nijhuis AECO-CIP. In process recovery solutions are crucial to achieve the increasingly demanding environmental requirements to create a more sustainable way of operating beverage plants. The Nijhuis AECO-CIP recovery unit is a plug & play packaged recovery system to treat spent CIP solutions (i.e. hot soda based). The system can be applied for both caustic, acid and enzymatic CIP solutions. A typical hydraulic recovery of 75 to 90% can be achieved.

Nijhuis Projects Portfolio

During Aquatech 2017 we also give you insight into our successful projects portfolio, from the smallest plant to the largest plants in the world. For example, we introduce:

  • An industrial Botanic Garden Project (BIOCTOR-GREEN) for a large distribution center
  • A large industrial zone WWTP Project which treats 60,000 m3/d
    Also presented at the Industrial User Experience
  • An innovative Nijhuis FLEX-AERATION plant for Alaska Milk