PRESS RELEASE - Nijhuis Industries to increase manufacturing capacity to accommodate successful growth

In order to accommodate the exceptional strong order book and continuous growth Nijhuis Industries is proudly announcing the expansion of their manufacturing and temporary storage capacity. Barry Domhof, Production Manager explains: “With the official opening of our new welding, assembly and temporary storage facility our capacity has been increased with 50% with an option to further increase the manufacturing space next year when additional manufacturing is required and is located in the immediate vicinity of Nijhuis Industries Headquarters in Doetinchem, the Netherlands.”

“With this expansion we also anticipate on the growing demand for our modular plug-and-play systems, boxframe and containerized solutions as well as the larger wastewater and resource recovery projects which Nijhuis is successfully delivering around the globe.

The entire Nijhuis team is very proud to invest in this expansion program to further diversify our manufacturing capabilities with for example solutions for sludge dewatering, membrane-based water re-use and prefabricated piping and systems for turn-key projects, which is our immediate answer to the desire of our clients to further reduce delivery-times of Nijhuis its cost competitive products, solutions and added-value services.”

About Nijhuis Industries
Nijhuis Industries delivers solid solutions for sustainable water use & resource recovery, with the highest level of intelligent innovations across a wide range of industries. We meet today’s challenges as well as those of the future, as a response towards a CIRCULAR economy in a ‘fluid’ world. To accommodate the customer’s requirements, Nijhuis offers customized installations, to create profit out of (waste)water, process water and waste.

At Nijhuis Industries it is our mission to help customers to reduce, reuse and recover water and resources to create profit. We help our valued customers to meet their increasingly demanding sustainability requirements, lower their environmental footprint, combine productivity and energy efficiency and reduce life cycle cost at the same time.

With Headquarters in the Netherlands, Nijhuis Industries is active in all geographical regions around the world, serving over 2,600 references from its Sales & Service Centers in China, Dubai, England, Poland, Russia, Singapore, USA & Latin America.

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Current overview Nijhuis Production Facility

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Nijhuis i-DAF, membrane and CSF sand filter solutions are currently being manufactured

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