Nijhuis Industries shares innovative application knowledge with water professionals during the AIWW 2017

30 October - 3 November - Amsterdam International Water Week

The Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) is one of the most diverse and innovative water events in Europe. The unique combination of the world-renowned Aquatech Amsterdam exhibition and the AIWW Conference means that solutions and business connect with policy and science to discuss a broad range of subjects. The AIWW will be showcasing the latest solutions and innovations, bringing together leaders and experts, introducing new platforms, tackling real life cases submitted by cities, utilities and industries.

Nijhuis AIWW presentations

During the AIWW, Nijhuis will present several innovations, concepts and technologies to the global water industry and water professionals.

Case session - Energy & Water: Recovery and Neutrality – Nijhuis AECO-FAT
Nadine Boelee - What is the value of recovered fat from wastewater?

Speakers' Corner
Wilbert Menkveld - The region Achterhoek without artificial fertilizers

Case session – Nijhuis GENIUS
Wilbert Menkveld - Efficient Recovery of Nutrients and Clean Water from Manure and Digestate
Nominated for the Aquatech Innovation Award in the category Waste water treatment

Solution Workshop - Handling Emerging Contaminants: new tools and techniques for detection and removal – Nijhuis Tertairy DAF and Nijhuis i-DOSE
Eddie Broeders, Applying real-time pollution control to reduce the consumption of chemicals and energy in wastewater treatment

Solution Workshop - Water Treatment implementation – Nijhuis AECO-NAR
Eddie Broeders, Recovery of ammonium from centrate of digesters as fertilizer

Solution workshop - From Start-up to Scale-up
A Corporate Financing Perspective, Moderator is Menno Holterman

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By 2050, 9 billion people are expected to inhabit the planet. Water scarcity on the one hand, and flood-proof cities on the other, will become our main challenges. The Amsterdam International Water Week Conference 2017 presents a new approach that tackles these challenges head on. We have called on cities, industries and international institutions to send us their water cases. These will be matched with the best, brightest and most innovative solutions. The Amsterdam International Water Week aims to bring together all these ingredients to take cases forward.

We call upon you to share your insights, knowledge and proven technologies at the AIWW Conference. Let’s achieve real breakthroughs together!