Managing your water cycle

Integrated Solutions for Effluent Polishing, Process Water, Water Reuse

Reducing the water consumption and reusing water is very often driven by even stricter goals than effluent discharge goals and the lack of water for the operation of facilities. For many of our clients, water-scarcity is affecting their license to operate and in areas with limited access to water or areas being affected by droughts and climate change, clients are forced to take measures to reduce their water consumption in and outside their factories.

A number of our larger key-accounts in the food, beverage and cosmetics industry are implementing water reuse as an integrated and mandatory solution to further reduce their water footprint and contribute to the realization of the sustainability development goals (SDG).

In practice, we are not only helping clients by reducing their water consumption, but also reducing their energy and chemical consumption. With a large and proven portfolio of technologies, we integrate the best polishing and water reuse solution into your application and industry, ensuring the management of your water cycle to operate your facilities.

  • Water-Reuse


​Your polishing and water reuse goals

Based on your environmental goals, we select the right technology building blocks out of our wide-range of polishing and water reuse portfolio. In the table below you will find an overview of solutions for the goals, however depending on your application we can select the right type or combination to create the best business case.

After the application of an effective pre- and biological treatment to remove dissolved and non-dissolved material, below tertiary treatment systems will ensure your will meet the stringent effluent discharge goals, reuse water for irrigation and process water purposes, remove micropollutants and produce drinking water, all with a strong focus on the ROI.

Customer benefits

  • Create the best business case
  • Technology building blocks
  • Efficient and safe polishing & reuse solution
  • Low-energy membrane solutions
  • Reduce the water consumption and environmental impact of wastewater discharge

Nijhuis Polishing & Water Reuse - Technology Building Blocks

GoalsTertiary i-DAFSand Filter (CSF)Micro-filtration
Disc Filter (MDF)
Carbopure (CP)1 step Polishing (1-STEP®Filter)Ultra
Nano FiltrationEDRROOzone (NOS)UV (NUV)AOP
Phosphorus RemovalXXXX
Suspended solids removalXXXXX
Nitrogen removalXXXXXX
Irrigation water productionXXXXXXXXX
Industrial process water productionXXXXXXXXXX
Micropollutants removalXXXXXX
Desalination / potable waterXXX
Removal of viruses, bacteria, biofilmXXXXXXXX

Water Reuse in the paper industry

Water Reuse of industrial wastewater