Let's 'meat' at VIV Europe - booth 07.B121 - turning meat (waste)water into PROFIT

Nijhuis Industries is actively participating with a record number of game-changing solutions at VIV Europe in Utrecht, the Netherlands. VIV Europe is the World Expo based on the 'Feed to Food' principle. Organised every four years, VIV Europe offers a global multi-specie event focused particularly on the world of production and processing for poultry meat and eggs and including pig meat, calve meat, dairy and fish. The event will take place from 20-22 June 2018. Nijhuis exhibit in Hall 7, booth B121.

Over the last 114 years Nijhuis Industries has emerged as a powerhouse for the manufacturing and installation of sustainable water use and resource recovery solutions. Nijhuis clients benefit around the globe turning their (waste)water into PROFIT by reducing the environmental footprint and life-cycle cost and recover valuable resources such as biofuel, animal fat, fertilizers, energy, heat and clean water from poultry and meat wastewater.

Let's 'meat' and register here for free to visit Nijhuis at VIV Europe:


Sustainable Meat & Processing Plant Design

Water is a critical resource in the meat industry where increasingly demanding environmental requirements have given rise to new technologies and working practises to create a more sustainable way of operating the meat plant, process optimization, treating and recycling wastewater and recovery of valuable resources.

At VIV, Nijhuis will present the sustainable poultry and meat processing concept based on our broad experience and application know-how within the global meat industry. The technological solutions are developed by multidisciplinary, specialized teams combining the experience of our global engineering and research teams based on state-of-the-art technologies and a wide range of tailor-made services.

Recover valuable resources out of your wastewater to create the best and most economical business case:

  • Biofuel;
  • Animal fat;
  • Fertilizer;
  • Energy;
  • Heat;
  • Clean water.

Presented Nijhuis solutions and innovations at VIV Europe:

  • i-DAF - Nijhuis state-of-the-art stainless steel intelligent and next-gen Dissolved Air Flotation units for wastewater treatment.
  • MODULUTIONS - reducing footprint and project execution time with a unique and relocatable box frame WWTP and decentralized control solution (i-CONTROL).
  • NSP - Nijhuis screw press, cost-effective sludge dewatering solution with low energy and maintenance costs.
  • i-DOSE 2.0 - patented Intelligent Dosing Control using s::cann sensor technology for primary, secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment.

Solutions for sustainable water use and resource recovery

  • BIOCTOR - REUSE - integrated water reuse solutions combining the broad Nijhuis experience of pre- and biological treatment using a number of different membrane applications (MF, UF, NF, RO, EDR).
  • AECOMIXTM – turn your wastewater into energy and reduce COD with our comprehensive range of anaerobic biological treatment solutions.
  • AECO-FAT - turn your wastewater into a valuable (bio)fuel whilst also reducing chemical consumptions and sludge disposal costs.
  • AECO-NAR – turn manure/digestate into a valuable fertilizer whilst also improving the digester operations and reduce nitrogen levels with more than 80%.
  • GENIUS - the first ever solution to convert animal manure or digestate into clean water and green minerals.

Smart Plant Philosophy & Nijhuis water doctor

Nijhuis ‘Customer for Life’ and Smart Plant Philosophy including intelligent services such as i-MONITORING, i-ACADEMY and a plug-and-play jar test kit. Since the success of the water doctor at the IFAT exhibition in Munich, the Nijhuis water doctor will again demonstrate our laboratory capabilities based on several real-life wastewater tests at our booth all related to the showcased innovations and solutions at the Nijhuis booth and the ‘Sustainable Meat & Processing’.

Reduce, Reuse and Recover – become more resilient to climate change

The application of Nijhuis Industries’ smart and sustainable engineering principles to Reduce, Reuse and Recover is helping our valuable clients to achieve their ever-demanding requirements to meet the lowest possible investment and life-cycle costs. Together with our adaptive and flexible approach we deliver ‘glocalized’ and robust solutions anywhere around the world. Nijhuis contribute to the circular economy and secure clients a solid, affordable, resilient and sustainable water management future.