IPPE 2018 - Nijhuis Industries (booth: B6365)

The 2018 International Production & Processing Expo will bring together more than 1,200 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors in Atlanta, Ga. USA from Jan. 30 - Feb. 1, 2018. Visit Nijhuis Industries booth B6365 to discover solutions, services and innovations in Sustainable Water Use & Resource Recovery, turning meat and poultry (waste)water into profit.

The trade show focuses on Innovation - bringing together buyers and sellers of the latest technology of products and services to make your business successful, Education - learning from the experts in free - and fee-based world-class programs beginning Mon., Jan. 29, on topics that cross industry interests, Global Reach - attracting more than 8,000 International visitors from 129 countries, and Networking - meeting new and rekindling old relationships with leaders across the industries.

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Presented IPPE 2018 (waste)water innovations

Visit booth B6363 to discover our latest innovations Sustainable Water Use & Resource Recovery, turning meat and poultry (waste)water into profit.

Fat Recovery (AECO-FAT)
Fat recovery solution from industrial wastewater as biofuel. AECO-FAT valorizes flotation sludge into valuable products and saves sludge disposal & chemical costs.

Intelligent Dosing (i-DOSE)
The i-DOSE system complies to real-time dosing processes, significantly reducing wastewater chemical consumption costs up to 30% and reducing operators’ presence.

Screw Press (NSP)
With its longstanding industrial experience, Nijhuis Industries has developed a cost-effective screw press system (NSP) for sludge dewatering to deal with a wide range types of sludge. The NSP unit is suitable to handle both biological and physical-chemical types of sludge.

Presented IPPE 2018 (waste)water innovations

Flotation (i-DAF)

The Dissolved Air Flotation system is based on the Nijhuis proprietary and intelligent aeration system (i-AERATION) which forms fine air bubbles that support and increase the separation of particles. The DAF units can be supplied with several add-ons, making the unit the most intelligent DAF (i-DAF) on the planet.

Modular Manure Treatment (GENIUS)
Nijhuis GENIUS is a total solution for manure and turns raw manure or digestate into for example electricity, phosphate, nitrogen and potassium fertilizer and clean water. The principle of GENIUS is based on producing green minerals based on an innovative, cost saving and sustainable way and consisting of a combination of smart technologies.

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