Green Energy Ghana Project

The waste to value project in Ghana, also called the Special Treat Project, is making progress. The project is an integrated, three-step wastewater value chain, developed by several partners, including Nijhuis Industries. The combined system will improve the living conditions of 300,000 people in the Greater Accra region, through improved and sustainable wastewater management.

Approximately 50% of the estimated annual faecal sludge generation in these MAs will be treated. The project will install five 30-seater sanitation blocks (plus another 4 after the project duration) in three Municipalities, four 10-seater sanitation blocks at Nsawam Medium Secure Prison, one wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), and one wastewater transfer station at each of the project locations. At the WWTP, production facilities for biogas, fertilizer and compost will also be established. The treated water will be reused for agricultural applications, and the sludges will be used for biogas production in locally built digesters. The digested sludge will be composted and sold as fertilizer. The treated water will be applied for agricultural and fish farming.

The three-step integrated wastewater value chain consists of a filtration step, hygienisation and two digesters. The site will be completed with a CHP unit, which produce around 350kWh. The public toilet blocks and prison will provide faecal sludge, which is mixed with imported faecal sludge from households, hotels and enclosed compounds, collected by trucks.

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Client benefits / Nijhuis impact

  • Improve the living conditions of 300,000 people
  • Sustainable wastewater management
  • Recovered resources from waste: fertiliser,
  • energy and irrigation water