Global bank extends operation contract following successful cooling tower lifecycle upgrade

A large global bank has extended the collaborationwith Nijhuis Industries for the operation and maintenance of their cooling towers at their global headquarters in England and other critical sites throughout the UK for a further 3 years until December 2024.

During the lifecycle upgrade of the last month, Nijhuis Industries has been given the opportunity to extend their services throughout the whole of the UK due to the increased national coverage afforded by the strengthened offering and more recently through the Saur acquisition.

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In August 2020, the Nijhuis team has put the finishing touch to the first lifecycle upgrade of the bank’s global headquarters critical cooling system which started 2 weeks before lockdown in March. This work extends the life of the plant for another 8-10 years and avoids a costly replacement which has had its challenges up on a roof of 44 stories.

The cooling system cools a trading floor and datacenter as well as comfort cooling for the complete building. In normal situations Nijhuis was allowed to take 2 of 14 cooling towers offline at any point, but during lockdown the building occupancy went from 10,000 to 90. This allowed Nijhuis to work on 4 cooling towers at a time which is unprecedented.

Client benefits / Impact

  • Specialised cooling tower refurbishment work under one single point of contact to improve cooling tower lifespan and avoid costly replacements.
  • Environmental and Legionella compliance.
  • Fast response to quickly carry out cooling tower refurbishment projects.