CEO Menno M. Holterman of Nijhuis Industries has made the Top 25 Water Leaders

The Water and Wastewater International (WWi) Top 25 Global Water Leaders initiative continues to grow in popularity as a barometer of the industry’s thought leaders. This year the focus is on active leaders whom are driving companies forward into the digital water age with a focus on innovation.

CEO Menno M. Holterman of Nijhuis Industries has made the Top 25 Water Leaders listing. This year Menno Holterman led Nijhuis Industries to win the biggest project in its history, the delivery of a turnkey wastewater treatment plant for the South Port Said Industrial Zone in Egypt.

“I feel very privileged to be nominated at the 14th position of the Top 25 Water Leaders listing, however, when it comes to success it’s all about the people! During the last 114 years, our clients and business partners have challenged our experts to design and deliver innovative solutions for sustainable water use and resource recovery.

The recent win of one of the largest industrial wastewater treatment plants in the world is not only supporting our successful waste to value strategy, but it also proves that our clients are seriously embracing our energy-neutral and financially attractive DBFOM solutions, supporting the circular economy and reducing their life-cycle cost at the same time.

This prestigious nomination also encourages our fast growing and global team to engage even more clients, to develop and implement game-changing solutions, business models and added-value services to address the ever demanding sustainability requirements around the world."

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