Project for game-changing water reuse plant in the meat industry in progress!

BREAKTROUGH within the meat industry!

Since the awarding of the contact for the reuse installation last year, the project is currently in a final engineering phase, whilst the manufacturing of the units is also facing final production. The reuse installation is a real breakthrough within the meat industry, and will meet game-changing sustainability goals. 8000 m3 wastewater per day will not be discharged into the river, but reused as a valuable resource for inhouse purposes in the production facility. The plant will be one of the largest industrial water reuse solutions in the world.

The installation will be implemented in two stages, each of 4000 m3 per day. Since 2012, Nijhuis have implemented several treatment stages to meet more stringent effluent river discharge limits. These solutions have included pre-treatment and aerobic treatment for the wastewater, as well as anaerobic and dewatering solutions to treat the produced sludge and recover energy. The new polishing and reuse systems consists of a sand filter, ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis system.

Combination of membrane solutions to reuse water
For the final treatment of wastewater into reusable water, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis units are currently in construction at the Nijhuis manufacturing facility in Doetinchem. For phase 1, the plant will consist of 4 reverse osmosis and 4 ultrafiltration units. The small pore size of the NMS-UF (NI-UFM-MAX-200-15) is not only a superior barrier for viruses and bacteria, but also ensures maximum protection of the reverse osmosis. The NMS-RO has a maximal system efficiency due to a smart design, based on robust and solid reverse osmosis technology.

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Client benefits / Nijhuis impact

  • One of the largest industrial water reuse solutions in the world
  • Avoid water scarcity
  • The most economical and best business case