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Is the highest dry solids content always the best performance indicator of a sludge dewatering system?

By Perdana Nugroheni -

Many people believe that the higher dry solids content in the cake means better performance of sludge dewatering. But, is this true? Is this justified?

Meet Asdomar, a leading fish processing company in Italy who has proven that the Nijhuis Screw Press (NSP) contributes to their total process stability.

Asdomar has been able to reduce the excess sludge volume from approx. 60 m3 per day to less than 1 m3 per day in average with the NSP. The separated liquid fraction (centrate) with low solids is sent back to the Nijhuis primary treatment. Therefore, not only the cake with high dry solids content is produced, but also the highest possible quality of centrate is achieved. The total wastewater treatment process stability is possible to achieve by the NSP flexible configuration.

Video Nijhuis Screw Press Result
Below video shows the result of how the Nijhuis Screw Press (NSP) has achieved both high dry solids content (in cake) and high centrate quality.

  • Installed Nijhuis Industries Sludge Screw Press

About Nijhuis Screw Press

Nijhuis Screw Press (NSP) system is designed with outmost care to meet your requirement. High solids capture rate is the key parameter in our design. Not only a high dry solids content in the cake can be achieved, resulting in lower sludge volume, but also high quality centrate will be produced. This way, both of your sludge disposal and centrate treatment costs will go down due to decreasing load into your wastewater treatment process.

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