09 October 2017

Poultry Litter Digestion And Digestate Analyses

Oril-Leader is the largest integrated poultry farm in Ukraine, involved with all aspects of poultry agriculture. In 2012, it commissioned an anaerobic digester in Yelyzavetivka, for poultry manure and slaughterhouse wastes using technology from Nijhuis Industries. The $15 million plant, which reached full capacity in 2013, manages 170 tons/day of chicken manure, 60 tons/day of dissolved air flotation sludge, 100 tons/day of wash water from poultry barns, 100 tons/day of silage, and 500 tons/day of wastewater.

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08 August 2017

Nijhuis acquires Aquatic Water Services

Nijhuis Industries UK & Ireland has agreed to acquire the water technology business activities of Aquatic Water Services, UK, to complement its existing portfolio of services. Nijhuis Industries UK & Ireland, formerly H2OK, is part of Dutch Group Nijhuis Industries and offers solutions for treatment of wastewater, process water and solid waste.

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Dutch Water Sector | Business Cornwall | WWT Online

01 August 2017

Global Drivers of Water Technology

Menno Holterman, CEO of Nijhuis Industries, previews his keynote discussion, which centers around what's driving the advancement of water technology around the world. Also discussed: the circular economy.

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June 2017:

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March 2017:

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Feruary 2017:

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January 2017:

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Nijhuis Industries and Azomures S.A. officially inaugurated one of the largest and most advanced Wastewater Treatment Plants ever built in Romania.
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