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Sustainable Water Use and Resource Recovery solutions, risk minimization and supporting you throughout the entire value chain

Water is a critical resource in the oil & gas industry. Higher water production and more demanding environmental requirements need enhanced solutions with new technologies and working practices. Eventually this will create highly sustainable wastewater treatment plant systems and operations. With solid solutions for sustainable water treatment and resource recovery, Nijhuis Industries works together with companies in the oil & gas industry to meet their requirements and minimize their risks.

The challenges in the oil & gas market typically concerns:

  • Reduce (Waste)water discharge costs.
  • Reuse Wastewater for process cleaning purposes.
  • Recover Oily sludge.
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​Safety First!

As in many sectors, and especially the oil & gas sector, health and safety are priority number one. At Nijhuis Industries our goal is to minimize the number of occupational accidents and illnesses, and ultimately to achieve an accident-free workplace”

It is the policy of Nijhuis Industries to provide and maintain a healthy and safe working environment, which conforms to the requirements of the International Standard ISO 45001:2018 and will conform to the health and safety standards of our clients. Nijhuis Industries will do their utmost to commit to the requirements, expectations, risks and opportunities regarding Health and Safety of the stakeholders.

All accidents, near misses and injuries, however small, sustained by a person at work must be reported to their supervisor. Accident records are crucial to the effective monitoring and revision of the policy and must therefore be accurate and comprehensive. Activities and systems will be monitored regularly with a focus on continuous improvement. The Nijhuis Industries health and safety policy is continually monitored and updated.

Create a water resilient environment

Nijhuis Industries innovative, proven and solid water solutions for the oil & gas industry have been installed all around the globe, from China to Poland, from the Netherlands to South Africa, all whilst helping to create a water resilient environment.

Nijhuis Industries can help and consult companies in the oil & gas industry with their requirements for managing water impact and minimizing risks by developing a fast-track project and customized water treatment installation according the latest safety requirements and client conditions.

Why select Nijhuis to design, build and operate your oil and gas water treatment plant?

  • We work SAFE both in design and on site.
  • We know your business (case) and way of working.
  • We prefer to design conceptual feasibility studies to determine the scope and budget.
  • We mobilize an experienced team (with FEED and EXECUTION).
  • Our FEED deliverables have the level of detail to provide the scope, budget and planning required, reducing cost and time during the design and build phase.
  • We deliver and build with detailed constructability and scope definition.
  • We design with value engineering to reduce TCO and improve ROI.
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Let us develop your wastewater business case and deliver your plant!

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