Municipal & Surface

(Waste)water solutions for a circular economy

With years of extensive experience Nijhuis Industries offers solutions to all matters relating to water, foul and surface water drainage infrastructure, offering cost-effective turnkey solutionsusing appropriate sewage treatment systems. Our service can range from supply of equipment, to a full design, installation and maintenance package. We will help to find the most cost-effective solution, and have significant experience in the refurbishment of existing systems. Through our in-house consultancy team we are able to offer due intelligent services and pre-purchase asset inspections.

Our Industries:
• Holiday and Leisure Industry
• Municipal Water and Wastewater
• Commercial Projects
• Dommestic Projects

Our offering range for the municipal market consist of the supply of wastewater treatment equipment, through to providing a complete integrated solution encompassing design, civil & MEICA installation/commissioning.

DAF as a superior pre-treatment of municipal and sewage water

The Nijhuis intelligent (high rate) Dissolved Air Flotation technology (i-DAF) and the Nijhuis sedimentation systems have proven to be very successful in the municipal market. Depending on the application can these units been supplied in either concrete, stainless steel or super-duplex performing in the most hars conditions.

The units can be used as pre-treatment, separation and concentration of biological excess sludge and polishing effluent after biological treatment to remove phosphorous and suspended solids with the smallest possible footprint.

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