Cooling Water Disinfection

Disinfection without chemicals

Legionella-free cooling water

Nijhuis Ozone Solutions has developed a unique and innovative technology to eliminate legionella from open cooling water systems. With the special method of dissolving and injecting ozone into cooling water, complete disinfection is achieved.

Due to the powerful oxidation of ozone all living organisms are instantly killed and oxidized. This process takes place without the addition of any chemicals. Legionella control with ozone technology is very effective and economical compared to the traditional technologies based on biocides and other chemicals.


Our ozone technology is proven, successful and available in a range of 500kW up to > 200MW cooling capacity. Cooling water can be perfectly controlled by ozone technology, without the addition of chemicals, which results in an unprecedentedly low bacterial count.

We developed a unique legionella prevention plan including continuous monitoring of your cooling water system to advice and support your local team to minimise the risk of legionella and other bacteria in your cooling water. With our ozone technology you will comply with all (possible) regulations for legionella prevention.

Total Water Management

Water management of your complete cooling tower system by Nijhuis Ozone Solutions results in an effective usage of freshwater intake with savings from 30 up to 50%. Our customized water management and software can be realized with a small investment, your operational costs will be substantially lower resulting in a return on investment within a couple of months.

Reduced blowdown water

Ozone treatment of your cooling water will extend the retention time of the water in your cooling circuit due to the fact that no chemicals are injected (there is no build-up of chlorides/metals) which will result in significant lower blowdown water volumes. This blowdown water can be discharged either in the clean water sewage or the rain water drainage, which will result in major savings.

100% security

Our ozone technology offers advantages in multiple ways compared to the traditional chemical methods. Our solutions are saver, more cost effective and more efficient. Our technology and our unique remote control and total water management are custom-made. This complete package offers you a maximum performance against the lowest total costs of ownership.

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